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  1. There were these console things in the station that were counted as vehicles, are those what you mean?
  2. Title. How do I activate the Fire Alarm like in the EM4 version?
  3. For those poisoned by toxic waste, call in a Dekon-V and have a hazmat firefighter escort them inside.
  4. If the fire plane doesn't stop the fires on the first pass, is there a way to manually extinguish them?
  5. This mission always goes well for me until I lose my fireboats. There's way too much debris to worry about and the boats are too slow to evade it effectively. Any tips for not losing the motorboats on this level?
  6. My vote would go to one of the possible bomb spawn locations on the default multiplayer map. It spawns on the northwest area of the map. If the bomb explodes, it not only starts a large fire that spreads quickly, but creates a large biohazard area that's guarenteed to infect at least 10 people. This callout gives you way too much to deal with, as you have to block off the area with police, decontaminate with Hazmat engine, and control fires.
  7. If you want someone with any decent skills to help you, you need more detail in the post. What skills do you and your current team members have? What do you need help with?
  8. I saw that LA Mod added 10 new missions, are there guides on how to do this?
  9. Does anyone have the files for this mod? The official installer now does not connect and I can't find any other sources.
  10. Yes, last time I checked it doesn't include using terrain tools
  11. The idea of making a custom map has always been on my mind, but the map editor is so unintuitive that it's difficult to learn. Placing objects/vehicle props and setting traffic routes is easy enough, but I can't seem to find how to do more advanced things. (E.G Terrain Painting, Elevating Terrain) Has someone made a complete editor guide for the EM4 Editor? Would be also helpful if the guide includes making LA mod submods due to new features (i.e stations)
  12. Looking for players to play EM4 Multiplayer with. I have the following mods: LA Mod, Harbor City 5, Norway Mod, Northview: South County, London Mod V3, and NYC Mod. I have both Evolve/Hamachi and Teamspeak/Discord. Players with mics perferred. PM me for steam profile link.
  13. As far as I know, only London Mod V3 currently contains a parking script.
  14. European mods aren't a problem, but so far the only major mod i've seen is Dutch Mod, I think i'll stick to EM4
  15. I'm thinking about getting this game, how does it compare to EM4? The one main thing stopping me from getting it was there were almost no mods for it compared to EM4, has that changed?
  16. This is likely an error with the custom map (if the mod includes one), you might want to contact the creator for help. A solution, however, is to call police units and redirect traffic both ways so no vehicles pass the rail crossing.
  17. I've been searching around the EM4 mod forum on this site, and usually I find threads about cancelled, abandoned, outdated, and unfinished projects. How do I sift through all the trash to find actually functioning mods?
  18. The download link is broken, anyone have the file uploaded?
  19. Sounds like too much trouble, just gonna play on mod maps. Thanks for the help though.
  20. Right now, for me, on the vanilla freeplay map in SP, the traffic lights cycle so fast that no traffic passes, and the whole system gets stuck, any fixes?
  21. Can I get a name change to TheEnforcer?
  22. Go into your montana mod file, and there should be a Bug Report form, fill it out and send it to the supplied email address along with your logfile.
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