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  1. Great work on those Em2016 mods Sir! Also thank you for your Service


    Sgt. ret.

    Alex E

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      text me 6157304760 or email danstevens110978@gmail.com

  2. CFD Updates that I can give for now. Check with Consti. I have been working with him on this. Without his help I would never have seen the vehicle in the game. I do not know if it will work with the newest patch the Steam is forcing me to download every time I try and work in world builder. I think he has it in his mod that he was working on. Maybe it would be possible to release just the car as a mod. I have the files he sent back to me when he had corrected and added things I did not have, but I don't have any internet except via phone and it is slow, so loading it to this site is prob not going to happen. Consti if you want to chime in here feel free. Everyone have a safe and great day. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  3. Consti your work looks great at always. As for the comment about nodding not doing much. Well I would place the blame on the game developers. Every single time that something is modded the game is patched to a new version of worse they release a new game and force you to pay for the update. Every time they do this is messed up the mods or locks files that were locked before. No help at least to me is ever offered from the developers. I have written several emails and support tickets and get nothing. One of the harder games I have ever worked on trying to mod. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  4. Long time no see everyone. I have continued work on this model for the Durango interceptor and have now changed the colors as well to match the black and white crown vic model. Here are a few more shots of the vehicle as well. The interior has now been merged into the vehicle as well. It is just the basics with seats and steering wheel. This is so when the doors are opened or the transparent windows are finally done you will be able to see the inside. Hope to soon get it ready to import and assemble in the world builder. I am also aware now that it appears the game has updated and that NOT good for me as I can't get STEAM to update with this crappy conection. So hopefully my buddy consti can fill in any missing pieces to the puzzle as needed. Not sure how big the upgrade was or how much it fixed / messed up. All i know is STEAM got locked up trying to update it and I had to termintate the program and go to offline mode only. Here are some more shots The new black and white makes it look so much better. The basic of the interior are shown, with some textures applied and mapped. Several interior textures are still being mapped so the double sided doors will go away. Quick shot of the interior if the cam ever gets to pan down that far in the game. Put textures of the actual speedometer and dash column on it so that it can light up at night through the windows. Finally the RED / BLUE led oval lightbar now finished. I added side scene lighting (the texture if white led and NOT missing). This is just in case anyone ever gets scene lighting to work in the game. This is modeled off the newer designs the best I could and to keep the polycount down. I think it turned out pretty good for now. We will see when it gets in game. Work continues as you see, I also have a model of a dodge charger as well that is being built when not working on this or when i get to frustrated with this lol. If anyone is good at uvw mapping and or getting things assembled and built in the game then please let me know. I know Consti has his hands full so Im sure he wont mind the extra help. Simply let me know. Hope everyone has a great day William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  5. That may be true Consti but i still don't think that you could paint the model in blender or any other program without having to do all the UV mapping and it is really a pain. I wish I could just paint on the truck and not have to worry about mapping everything and make it look good. Anyways a few more shots as it progresses Got the brush guard on now, front textures look fairly good a few anomalies but they wont be seen unless zoomed in closer then em2016 will allow. Tire treads and looking good, Another view more from the side now. The Police logo and side reflective striping is seen here. Wheel rims and tire sides turned out good as well. Still not too sure if I will make it all black with white doors and roof to copy the crown vic black and white design. Rood slats painted black to make them stand out. LED light is not shown in these pics yet. Another shot of the side. "Highway patrol" unit designation. Undercaraige still has the same textures, this will change and will be nothing but a flat grey. Rear shot of the durango. Police interceptor decal and caution reflective chevron striping on rear. Still some work to do on the rear as it is not to my liking right now. I'm going to try and get a better texture for the tail lights. Finally a quick shot of the top. Still some work to go into the UV mapping and textures but its coming along slowly. Hope all have a good day William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  6. Long time no see everyone. Anyways I have had to move to a new location and the service is even worse here, not to mention things have been very busy lately. In what downtime I have managed to get I have been working on the Dodge Durango. The Crownvic is basically done at this point and hopefully Consti can post the mod as needed when he has a few minutes as well. I will be making a few variations of the crownvic including a un-marked unit in the coming days. Back to the Durango. The 3d model is completed with a few minor things still being worked out. The UVW mapping has started and I have a few shots showing the beginning stages of the UV and textures. I may make an inverse color map as most of what I have seen are completely different then what I made. The other thing to keep in mind with this is that it is slightly off of the actual 2015 Durango. The model is a combination of the 2013-2014 and 2015 not that this really makes a difference unless you REALLY get close. It is in the tail lights and the headlights but other then that it is pretty good. Once the UV mapping is completed and textures are corrected we move into getting it imported and assembled in the world builder. Here is a shot from the front showing the 2015 style grill and headlamps. White bumper and lower black bumper and molding. Here is a front / side profile shot showing the general idea of the black and white layout. The roof slats are also pure black and this is simply showing the body with nothing else at this time. (All other items are isolated) In the top left you can see what I'm working with when it comes to mapping the UV, all things for this vehicle are created from scratch so it has been a fun learning experience again. Several texture anomalies that still need to be worked out little by little. Also the color map may change where the black texture (except body molding) will become white and the white body will be black. This seems to be a standard color pattern for the Durango interceptor model. The paint model for this just like the crownvic is a work or art and is not a representation of any particular law enforcement agency. I also tried to make the UV map and texture EASY to understand so that people can make this texture whatever they want later when it comes to re-skinning. I know i HATE trying to figure out textures when I can't understand how the model is laid out. Hope these pics load and I hope to get some more updates soon. Take care and have a great and safe day. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  7. yeah I got the planar mapping but I also used the uv unwrapped normal box mode and created a uv template to paint but then quickly figured out that this would only work for the general white and black color of the vehicle and does not work well at all for the actual photo textures of the headlights and tails etc. I also discovered that if you create a uv template and then decide to unwrap just one part of it for example,the front then the whole freaking template is ruined. So what I did now was re-unwrap it using the box method with top and then drag all,the parts out of the grey box off to the side. Then as I use them I create a template and export to paint program as a layer. Then when I need the front headlights for example I just drag the already unwrapped part I want to conform to it. Basically I don't lose the original unwrap and whatever I painted stays where I want. I found a thing called canvas built into the 3ds program however it is tricky to use and as it is now I would have to start over the whole uv process to use it. Maybe on the next model or even a test model I can learn that. Once the uv for the vehicle,is done it will go through the same import process as the crownvic with hopefully less problems. I wanted to create a k9 unit for this vehicle as well with the cage. Do you know if it is possible to mod the script for the rescue dog to act as a police dog and actually attack. If so,that would be a great feature and a lot of fun to use. Keep up the great work and hopefully the community will use your mod to learn and unlock the potential before em2017 comes out and they mess it all up again. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  8. Quick update Dodge model is complete and now moving to UV mapping. This is a pain in the butt and I'm having a ton of fun trying to get it to look good. Hope to get some screens up soon. This model will be a black and white paint scheme. If anyone is good with uv mapping feel free to let me know as I could use the help with the models I have. I think the UV mapping takes more time then building it. Lol I wish I could simply paint on the model in 3d but I don't think that exist yet. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  9. Hello to all, sorry for the delay. Things have not gone well with this relocation. Can't say too much more but things have been busy. Due to bandwidth issues and other unforseen problems I have sent an email to Consti and have asked and given him permission to update and get a video posted of the crownvic. Without him it would never have made it this far and surely would have given up on it. So hopefully he can get the mod in download form so people can download and enjoy it. The CHP version will be back burnered for now due to the CHP mod being put on hold. However I'm still hoping to create a few versions and get the lighbars released for anyone to use. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  10. Yeah well a few things that I never thought of. I'm hoping to also make a tutorial covering all I have learned and you taught me as well for English forums of all the LITTLE things that need to happen to make all this come together. As for making it playable I'm working on that later tonight when I get back from guard duty. Then I hope to get the files sent over to Consti so that he can do as he needs with the equipment or as needed for his mod. The Chicago model is being prooptimized in 3ds max due to the massive polygon count of the original crown vic model. I'm seeing how much more I can cut out for better frame rates. Is there a way to tell what the original models counts are in the world builder? I know at the lower right it says triangles and I think the tanker truck shows 114000 triangles but I'm not sure if that's actually the real count. Until it's playable I won't know how bad it is on frame rates. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  11. My update as promissed hopefully the bandwidth gods will allow this to be uploaded. Just so you didn't think I was sleeping on the job. Thanks to Consti finally getting to the finishing phases of this vehicle and hopefully getting a beta testing download soon. Also I will be releasing the traffic director lightbar and the halogen light bar in a separate download soon. What this means is that the lighting effects and all the timing will be ready for use with any other mod or vehicle. Simple use the world builder and attach the prefab to the vehicle using hardlink. Crown vic black and white with halogen lightbar, Vehicle includes the following Emergency lighting at this time. Halogen lightbar with multirotating lights to mimic a motor driven system. Sometimes the lights will overlap and be at different times. Rear deck traffic director lightbar. This is actually a object on the INSIDE of the vehicle. Yellow lights move from center to outer edge. For NOW they are connected to a light blue function but if Consti can get these to work with a new interface I can redo them for a custom function. Rear brake alternating strobes, Front grill alternating strobes, Mirror alternating strobes. All set as custom and imitating real world flash patterns. Traffic director lightbar with outer alternating red and blue leds I close up showing the traffic director bar located INSIDE the vehicle. Windows on the model are semi-transparent. Also the inside dash and radio are lit when the emmisive map is active for the lighting. Just a nice little touch Nighttime test on multiple units and lighting. This guy really messed up to get this much attention. Hoping to get some REAL IN GAME shots soon. Have a great day William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  12. Quick update Can't get any shots up yet due to poor bandwidth but work continues My pitfalls or holdup The freaking turn signals. Consti is helping with this but so far no luck to get a simple flashing emmisive map. Fixed Transparency for Windows finally Dbl sided material so vehicle is no longer see through. Wheels redone and completed To do Add emergency lighting effects Equipment array Testing Once I get to this stage I hope to release this as a beta test for anyone interested. The CPD model will follow closely behind this as it is mostly a copy of the original with textures and changes to the lightbar etc. Hope to get the screenshots up soon when time allows and bandwidth is better. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  13. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! AWESOME JOB!! As I said before the average time for a flare is approx 10-15 minutes before it is gone. Everything looks really good. I mean really good. Keep up the great work. It's awesome to see someone that can do the scripting language and actually make objects work in the game. Now what I would do is make Flares part of all the equipment arrays of the vehicle and the cones and barrels equipment for the larger vehicles utility etc. An idea i have been working on and making some models for is FIRE POLICE. Basically fire police would be dispatched to take command and control of the traffic. They would be given all the euipment to direct traffic ONLY. That way the police can continue to work on crimes etc. For reality send them both to the scene. A volunteer fire police dodge ram truck would be used as one of the fire police trucks. It was an idea to get more vehicles into the game and enhance the game play. I worked with fire police for awhile on accident scenes. I have a few more 3d models but not sure if I want to get them over to you or if they would just be too much. a 3d LED traffic triangle a 3d LED Round road flare a portable scene lighting system Anyways keep the awesome work. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  14. I should be able to send killerconsti the files and he is free to do what ever he needs to do to make them work. Here is another simple addon that I may have gotten to before anyone else. Traffic Road flare. This is a road flare that if possible with coding could be placed like a road cone and should share the same barrier and bullet box collision. The road flare is a simple low poly item that has a bright red flare and surrounding lighting effects as well. Used to light up a scene and or block traffic from an accident scene. Not sure if this will keep civilians out of the the collision area or not as of now. I'm also working on a hand held road flare that can replace the the lighted disk currently used as the default traffic control device. The road flare is a very bright red color with added smoke effects as well. To keep frame rates hopefully down the lighting effects and smoke effects are reduced. May need to tweak some of the values as they are not very bright from the air as of now. The bellow screenshots were taking by setting up a small scene in the world builder of a car accident and police and fire units shutting down the lane of traffic and diverting around the scene. It is NOT an in game shot as a playable unit. As seen from a street level the little road flare stand up at approx 30 degree angle and light up an area all the way around of approx 15-20 meters Road flare at night, light up the scene and make your emergency units highly visible. A fast flickering effect was added to the flare and surrounding effects to imitate a real flare Just another view of the accident and the flare lighting effect. Hope to get killerconsti all the files needed to get these added to his newest mod if it is possible. Everyone have a safe and great day. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
  15. Ok here are a few shots of the fix that will make the car have an interior. Several texture fixes as well and hopefully I can get the transparency to work on the window. The few bugs that killerconsti found that ruined the model was the see through parts and the wheels. I created a shell and added some internal uvw materials to it. Now if the car is viewed from the side and the windows do become semi transparent you will see the interior and no longer see the road or the missing polygons. The wheels have been completely redone new textures for the tires, treads, rims etc. The changes will be passed down to all the other models as well. The new doors have a little depth so as when viewed from the sides they don't dissapear. The trunk has been changed to a tactical trunk used in police cars and has an AR-15 riffle "image only" with a tactical holder. Interior of the doors a real crown vic door textures. The new tires look awesome and are based on real tire textures and tread patterns. Makes the original look like crap. Have not had much time to work on the model due to increased work load and also have been relocated twice now. The changes to this model will get passed down to the CPD model as well. As for fixing the lighting as asked by Ben, It is not hard to do in the world editor however the textures would also need to be changed correctly and that would have to be done otherwise you would have a red texture producing a blue light flare. If all goes right I'm hoping to make the lightbars separate objects that can be added to the models. William516 Bill Delaware, USA
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