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  1. Hi Robert, Like I have stated on the old Dutch Mod forum thread, I am continuing the Dutch Mod, but now under the name The Netherlands Mod. I don't know if you have read the topic yet, but here you can find it: Hope this has informed you enough.
  2. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    Enough said? =D
  3. The Netherlands Mod

    Some new updates regarding The Netherlands Mod: Police men and doctors now again have the correct Dutch skins. Dutch sirens are fully implemented and working. When you start up the game, the second clip (after the Deep Silver intro) has been customized to a video with some Dutch emergency vehicles. This is not the final product, but atleast it's something. The main menu now has a new background (I still need to adjust the loading screens though) When you click on the Credits button in the main menu it will show the people that have contributed to The Netherlands Mod (as of now), so not the Emergency 5/2016/2017 credits. Right now I am busy with implementing some features of Killerconsti's Mini Mod. Regarding the Volkswagen T5 police car, I have finished the back of the car, but I still have problems getting the skin working in-game. The vehicle selection menu now has the correct Dutch icons & avatars I hope to release v1.0.1 as soon as I have finished implementing some features of Killerconsti's Minimod and getting the Volkswagen T5 work in-game. That's all for now.
  4. The Netherlands Mod

    Ooh! I didn't know you added this to your Minimod, I will try it out, thanks By the way, here you guys can find some samples of the sirens:
  5. The Netherlands Mod

  6. The Netherlands Mod

    Pictures of The Netherlands Mod Fire Department Police Medic/Rescue Service
  7. The Netherlands Mod

    Hello all, and welcome to The Netherlands Mod! Contents of this forum thread: What is The Netherlands Mod? What will be included in The Netherlands Mod? When will The Netherlands Mod get released? Compatibility of The Netherlands Mod Contributing/Cooperating with The Netherlands Mod Suggestions for The Netherlands Mod Updates on the development of The Netherlands Mod What is The Netherlands Mod? The Netherlands Mod will be a continuation of the older Dutch Mod, with initiative-taker FrozenOne-94, and following-up developer Ben12. As of now both of them have stopped with Emergency modding, and so I decided to take over the project. The Netherlands Mod is a modification for Emergency 5, 2016 and 2017 that changes the standard German theme to a Dutch one. First thing that I changed was the mod name, from Dutch Mod to The Netherlands Mod. In my opinion this suits the mod better. And no, I am not only gonna keep updating this mod so it works with upcoming Emergency updates, but I will also add new features. There will be a more detailed report on the features down below. What will be included in The Netherlands Mod? What do the words behind the features mean? [DONE] = This feature is finished and fully integrated [HALFWAY/NEARLY DONE] = This feature is almost finished and fully integrated. [WIP] = Work in progress, in other words, still being developed. [PENDING] = Little to nothing has been done yet with this feature Gameplay related Unlimited units integrated [DONE] If you encounter any bugs/problems related to the unlimited units feature, let me know by leaving a comment or send me a private message. Add Dutch sirens [DONE] New issue: Sirens won't stop when they have arrived at their destination. If you know how to fix this issue, let me know. Issue: The volume of the sirens won't adjust when a player is close to the vehicle or far away. If you know how to fix this issue, let me know. Thank you Killerconsti for providing me with a solution. Samples of the sirens: New freeplay events [PENDING] Fire department: Firefighters can use barrier tape [DONE] Firefighters can redirect traffic [DONE] Water tender (TLF) and the Turntable ladder (DLK) contain fire extinghuishers and hoses [DONE] Water tender (TLF) and the Rescue vehicle (RW) can be used as hydrants (maximum of 4) [DONE] The Turntable ladder (DLK) only has 2 seats for firefighters, instead of 3. [DONE] Medic/Rescue service: Ambulance is standardly equipped with a paramedics team and a doctor. [NEARLY DONE] Known bug: The Ambulance will automatically return to HQ when the paramedics have entered with a victim, but it should wait for the doctor. [WIP] Paramedics can treat victims [HALFWAY DONE] Please take note: Right now the paramedics can treat every victim (except for people with a virus), but this should/will be changed in the future to only lightly injured victims. Known bug/issue: The paramedics don't put down their stretcher when they are treating a victim. This is because the standard 'Treat Victim' command is only for doctors, I am busy with making a new 'Paramedics Treat Victim' command, which should make it look more natural. The 'Doctor's vehicle/car' (NEF) is standardly equipped with 2 doctors [DONE] Police: Police cars can patrol the city [PENDING] Visual/Texture/Skinning related Major part of the standard Emergency 5/2016/2017 vehicles have Dutch skins [DONE] More Dutch emergency vehicles [WIP] Until now the mod has only contained the standard Emergency vehicles (but with a Dutch skin of course), but I also want to add some actual new vehicles. Please note the following: I am not capable myself of modelling new vehicles, I rely on other modellers that want to share their work publicly. I have never skinned before, but right now I am working on a Dutch police car, the Volkswagen T5. I will provide more information about this soon. Picture by J. Korte. If there are any modellers/skinners out there who would like to help, contact me by e-mail or a private message. Every contributor to The Netherlands Mod will be properly creditted. New main menu & loading screens [HALFWAY DONE] To give you the real mod experience Add Dutch skins for police men and doctors [DONE] Apparently the skins weren't working anymore. Create a Mod icon [PENDING] Add Dutch flags at the headquarters [PENDING] Skin damaged emergency vehicles [PENDING] Right now when any emergency vehicle gets damaged/destroyed, it will show the standard German emergency vehicles, destroyed. Replace the icons in the vehicle selection menu with the proper Dutch icons [WIP] Add Dutch road signs [WIP] Change the two videos during the startup of Emergency 5/2016/2017 (the Deepsilver intro and the game trailer) to short videos of Dutch emergency services. [WIP] When will The Netherlands Mod get released? First of all, there will not be only one version, I will try my best to keep on updating it, whatever it takes. Right now I am busy with version 1.0.1, which I could already release but I am still looking to add a little bit more. I am not sure whether the current Dutch Mod is working for everyone (like for Emergency 2017), so if you guys really want an early release (with a few less features), let me know. Compatibility of The Netherlands Mod The Netherlands Mod should work for Emergency 5, 2016 and 2017. Not only that, it should also work with multiplayer. I haven't had the chance yet to test the multiplayer functionality, so let me know during the first release whether it works or not. Contributing/Cooperating with The Netherlands Mod Are you looking to help with The Netherlands Mod? It is always handy to have a couple of people help me out with modding, since I can't do everything related to modding myself. Let me know with an e-mail or private message what you are willing to do to contribute to The Netherlands Mod. Right now I am really looking for: modellers, skinners, and programmers. These are the skills that I greatly lack. Everyone who contributes to The Netherlands Mod will be creditted properly, both on this forum thread and in-game. Suggestions for The Netherlands Mod Do you have some suggestions for The Netherlands Mod? That's great to hear! You can leave them on this forum thread, e-mail them to me, or by sending me a private message. I will also let you know whether I am capable of adding this feature, since I can't do/add everything. If you have a nice suggestion, you will be creditted accordingly in this forum thread and in-game. Updates on the development of The Netherlands Mod I will try my best to update you guys on the progress of The Netherlands Mod. Feel free to contact me personally when you want some inside information about this project. Thank you all for reading, and happy modding!
  8. Implementing new commands

    Hi Killerconsti, Thank you for your extensive answer. Right now I don't have the ability to test it out, but I do think I understand now. I will try it out as soon as possible. Thanks once again! Regards, ItsLeandro
  9. Hey all, I am busy with developing a modification for Emergency 5, but I am experiencing a few issues. I have been coding some new commands for units, but I have no idea how to implement them in the game. So my question is, does anyone of you know, how to move (modified/new) commands (from the SDK) into a modification/project? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I have recently started using again a laptop of mine and was interested what it could handle gaming-wise. I installed Emergency 4 (from Steam) and it runs just fine. However, if I want to select a vehicle in the vehicle selection menu, all the thumbnails are white. I have found a thread with the same issue, but yet there was no solution. The laptop indeed has an integrated Intel card (Intel HD 3000) so I guess it really is a problem related to Intel cards. That thread is quite old (hence I didn't want to bump it), so maybe someone has found/knows a solution as of now. If the specs might help in any way, here you go: Laptop name: Asus ZenBook UX31E CPU: Intel Core i7-2677M GPU: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 OS: Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Leandro
  11. NL Modification

  12. Unlimited Units Mod

  13. US Army Modification

  14. How to get to editor?

    Option 1: Go to the properties of 911 First Responders through your library, and set your launch options, adding the following: -editor. Option 2: Create a desktop shortcut (not through Steam) of the Em4.exe, and add -editor to the end of the target line. Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\911 First Responders\Em4.exe" -editor
  15. Unlimited Units Mod

    To be fair, I have no idea. (I only have Emergency 5)Would you mind trying it for me, and let me know if it works? ----------- I have also been working on the multiplayer function, but there seem to be some bugs in Emergency 5 itself that prevent me of making it fully functional. I contacted the developers and they told me they are looking into it.