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  1. Hi ! When I lunch Em4 (editor or game) this starts well (on my pc the desktop is usually making something strange but that's normal) but this stops. I've uninstall 3 times, install again and this is when I wanted to install the patch 1.3 I understood the game is not install. That was wrote "game is not install" whereas this is install... All my drvers are up to date and so is my PC. Idon't understand what is going on thank's to help me... PS : I've got the disc of the game, not a Steam verison or cracked one
  2. Hi everyone ! I would like to know how to make an open batiment, by using an existing batiment. I have searched on forum and on Google but I found nowhere...
  3. Amsterdam-Amstelland Modification

    Does this mod is in developpement already ?
  4. EM4 Knoxville TN Mod {WIP}

    Oh... All my dreams are broken now...
  5. News I've decided to change the mod. I will not continue with the Montana V2 and the US Army but with the MODCSP (french). I will take my fresh start after the holydays (around the 25 august)
  6. Valencia City Mod

    Great idea ! If you need a mapper...
  7. This mountain road looks like the Welfordshire's one, doesn't it ?
  8. EM4 Knoxville TN Mod {WIP}

    Knoxville = Fort Knox ?
  9. Swedish Mod ( W I P )

    I like this ! But, I think it can be better if you make the rotated lights with different flashing value
  10. *sing moment* I don't care, I love it !
  11. No problem (No it's a lie, I will kill you and eat your fingers ! :D )