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  1. Magirus

    mate You can't just ask someone to drop everything and make your stuff, its relatively easy to learn how. There are heaps of tutorials on this site and Youtube.
  2. Harbor City Problem

    Does it change the freeplay stuff? such as when you start a new freeplay game does it use the harbor city
  3. Harbor City Problem

    Is the mod installed correctly?
  4. Thank you. That worked
  5. I cant download the mod from http://copenhagen-mod.dk/download-2/ i get a 404 error every time. I'm using chrome
  6. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    Contact BMA. I did and I had the same issue, now i can play it.
  7. i think he means that the pumper in the big station is unable to be connected to by firefighters with hoses.
  8. Ok thanks. i will remove that from the list.
  9. Bugs that i have found: Airport maintenance vehicles have siren button but no sound. Taxiway behind refinery- if any emergency vehicle is parked on the taxiway a plane will spawn and not move. bugs out the emergency vehicle. Police station (North west)- no way fire vehicles can enter. And no hydrants to allow firefighters fight the fires. Multiple fire there the only way to fight them is to let them burn out. Panthers/Pumpers get stuck at gate near North west fire station while on patrol. Main fire station pumper (rosenbauer)- firefighters cannot connect hoses to vehicle. Will add to it as I find them. done^^
  10. This mod is awesome. There are a few bugs but they are easy to work around.
  11. Traffic advisor

    Thank you itchboy. That helps a lot.
  12. Traffic advisor

    I found the flash offset numbers on the forums but i cant find it again i think Hoppah posted them. if anyone knows the numbers could you please post them below. RIP Dallas officers murdered while on duty.
  13. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    I get unexpected end of archive errors consistently.
  14. Becoming an EMT

    hope you do awesome