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  1. okay first off i know how to replace them so dont need that help, but so i have lights for every mod except west coast and i have the white boxes. this was a problem a few years back but since then i got a new computer and didnt save all my emergency files. i tried using the coronas patch or whatever the name is in the downloads but that one did not help. does anyone have the one that will help fix this problem? thanks
  2. sadly it did not help for west coast Canadian http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_sad.png
  3. I used paint.net and works great thanks, also another question do any of you have a coronas link? i want to play west coast but im dealing with the white boxes again. i know how to do it since ive fixied it in the past nut i cant find a file to use.
  4. Ok so my friend and I have wanted a Colorado type mod but just for us(not posting this anywhere as my mod), but so I’m using a single mod but skinning the cop cars at the moment all different cities skins but every time I do one explorer that skin copies over to another explorer I made so they all start to overlap. Anyone know where I went wrong or what I can do to fix?
  5. So I went through the files and there's only things saying thanks to everyone and not how to install and if this helps im the person who isn't really good with computers and I only know how to download mods with the application
  6. I'm saying that I know how to download ones with the application but when there just folders with textures and no application i dont know how to download it
  7. Yes like I download a mod for example harbor city mod and there's just the moddin files no aplication to download
  8. I have winrar and when I download certain mods there's the application that has a em4 logo on it and I can download but I want to know how to download ones that have just files no application. Please help
  9. Ok I'll try that thanks,but I'm not home so I'll have to try it later
  10. All i did is i went to win rar and looked at the folder,then i found the application , clicked it then went to wizard setup of something like that ,it said it was finished and now idk where its at. And fyi i downloaded the first link not 1.a or.b
  11. I need some help this mod downloaded perfectly i didnt do the 1.a or b i just tryed the first link. Everything worked perfectly and then after the setup wizard it says its done but it's not on my game or mods anywhere idk what to do please help this mod looks amazing and i really want to try it out
  12. Stolte

    My BOSTON MOD Edit!

    Hopefully this can get released because I would love playing this all the time
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