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  1. Katy Fire Department Engine 1 2014 Spartan Gladiator Credits- Myself, THVFD, Itchboy, Bama
  2. Been awhile, but I'm back. WIP of Katy Fire Department Engine 1 Credits: Myself
  3. HCESD 48 Fire Department Tower 3 Credits- Itchboy, La Mod Team, THVFD, Dennis Reid, NY Mod team, Myself
  4. It might actually be. I'll be in the area of willowfork st2 so ill stop by and take a look
  5. Fort Bend County EMS Battalion 3 Credits: Itchboy, Myself
  6. Thanks for the advice. I work on the equipment doors and the lights for the Ambo.
  7. Willofork Fire Department Engine 81 Credits: Fire Dept. Boston, THVFD, Itchboy, Myself *If anything is wrong PM me*
  8. Katy Fire Department Ambulance 1 *Lights still need to be added* Credits: Itchboy, Myself
  9. Katy Fire Department Engine 3 Credits- THVFD, Itchboy, Myself
  10. So i kinda took a break from EM4 for while but i am back now. http://prnt.sc/f75ltx Katy Fire Department Quint 2 Credits: Fire Dept. Boston, Itchboy, Myself
  11. At IFD we offer a variety of things such as Realistic Fire/EMS roleplay, in house training, as well as start up gear(you can use your own if you want). We currently cover one sim out of one station. If you are interested fill out an application then come by the station and an officer will assist you. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/PO4g5sT5US7EFyag2 Station: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imagination/234/221/24
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