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  1. there will be some stuff comeing coon
  2. mine would have to be my dads old ladder co in springfield mass a 1971 Maxim 100’ TDA tiller
  3. ok i talked to Hoppah last month or last week cant rember but i do have permission but most of them are just the skins around the car model to show it in 3d but we are gettting more models for the skins AND IT IS GOING TO BE RELEASED even if i have to buy the rights from Hoppah
  4. shots in editor from jgreene more to come boston brush 1 boston police crown vic boston police slick top mass state police charger and mass state police slick top crown vic mass state police crown vic mass state police suv
  5. nice vid you found DuxburyFD and as for your question nelsonsilve i have no clue i am not a scripter mrpolice1996 as as of your question there will be no VIP escort/protection mission in this mod i hate them missions
  6. my boston mod is in the works and you will be able to download it http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?showtopic=8028
  7. no the soxs win game 7 for the world series and soxs fans riot
  8. i am ganna be pushing for this mod to come out on 1/12/2010 it is when a good friend Lt Keven Kelly of the Boston fire Dept died heading to a medic call when his truck's brakes gave out and the truck crashed in to the wall
  9. ok people i need some help i am shot i cant fig out what the other five missions can be so i have came to the people so post what you would like to see in the game and i will eather put it if it sounds good 1. bomb threats thro out the city (aqua teen hunger force bull crap that happend) 2. fire at the uss constitution 3. good old house fire 4. terrorist plot at john hancock tower 5. riot at fenway park
  10. mine would have to be boston mod as soon as i am done with it ny mod and la mod
  11. thanks you guys rescue 1 is about 99% done being turned in to 3d i still need a uv mapper
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