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  1. I use the script “LAwye” but I can't pick up the wye why??? My English is poor so I don't know where is wrong Everything else is normal!!!
  2. I think so. If EM4 can be integrated COH, may be perfect.
  3. Have to say that EM5 screen is very good.But I think the relative EM4, only the screen with the upgrade. I only have to wait for EM6.
  4. Oh!!Thank you very much!!!! But when I want to import the texture it shows“[QSF error] QSF editor found no local asset datasource for "E:/Emergency 2016/data/china_mod/content/texture/_derived/_material_0_crgb_aa_45290_1_45291_1_18446744073709551615_1.dds". Ensure your imported asset is inside a versioned datasource repository (e.g. Subversion or Git) or there's at least a "datasource" file inside the datasource root directory.” why?
  5. Hello everyone! Why does my editor do this? What does it mean? What should I do? e......My English is poor. sorry. Please help me !
  6. WZ Firedepartment “Secret Squadron”(80%) Squad Teqin 01
  7. New screenshots -Optimization of the vehicle model -WZ POLICEMAN -WZ FIREMAN -WZ FIREMAN Uniform
  8. Yes.it is FAW,it look like American fire truck...
  9. New fire truck~~~~ It's been changed. Wuzhou fire department Posts merged. Please avoid double/triple posting. The edit button is there for a reason.
  10. Hello all EM4 players WZC(Wuzhou City)Mod have been proposed for a long time Because of the problem of language, it is very slow. But now I can release the first batch of screenshots. I hope you like
  11. PLA helicopter :WZ-9 modle by Hoppah
  12. Both are my because Hong Kong is based on London, so I gave up
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