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  1. Gandia mod

    Holaa, estamos trabajando en una nueva versión con los bugs solucionados! Un saludo Hi, we are working on a new version with all the bugs solved! Greetings
  2. Gandia mod

  3. Gandia mod

    We have detected some problems when the Mod is charging. You have to go to Scripts and remove the Yelp siren
  4. Gandia mod

    Today is the day we release a new Beta of the Mod. Be advise that It could be some bugs. In the next weeks we would release a new version with bugs corrected and also a submod. Here is the link so have a good time with the mod. https://mega.nz/#!HshzVTaJ!z6IUcAGUJ1QIRk-5CxRFRyGCXur6XdMWys-D1WI9Tqw
  5. Gandia mod

    Hi, after some time without publishing anything, we have been working hard in new units. Tomorrow we will release a new version of the mod that contains new units, new persons, new scripts and other new things that you would see tomorrow on this new version. We are also working on a guide of the units that they will be at the mod for all the people who are not from Spain. I´m going to put some screenshots of this new version.
  6. Barcelona City Mod

    Version 1.3


    Dowload the Barcelona Mod know at Emergency Planet. THis mod includes untis of the Barcelona city emergency services , Catalonian emergency services and police units of the Spain government. Units at the mod Barcelona fire department Guardia Urbana Barcelona (Local Police) Mossos d´esquadra (State POlice) SEM (Catalonian Medical Services) National Police (Spanish Govermen Police) Civil Guard ( Spanish Goverment Police)
  7. Gandia mod

    Hi, here we habe got some new persons and a new vehicle wich they will be at the next version of the map. The first person is the highway patrol with is a yellow t-shirt wich is of the Civil Guard, then we have got the riot police with they habitual uniform wich is of the Police National and the unit is calle UIP, then we have got two uniforms of the local police: The first one with the yellow and black uniform is the traffic unit and the blue one is of the beach unit. Then we also have got a new vehicle of the local police wich is their last acquisition. I hope you like them.
  8. Gandia mod

    Hi, we are working on the map for this Mod wich it will be based on a Beach area Here are some new screenshots of how is going the map. At this map is working the FFAA mod (spanish army). The map is WIP.
  9. Gandia mod

    Hi, actually we have a Beta version, but we are working a new version. I let you here the link of the beta version. https://mega.nz/#!i1ZhQB6K!9XuhCCHuT0qpEfN5Y56487YKc-ynWlYv-ialK_ak5UU
  10. Gandia mod

    We continue working on the mod! Today I have some new units that are at the Mod of the National Police and of a group of volunteers that they are deployed as reinforment in big emergencies and they are also deployed at big events called Protección Civil. I hope you like them.
  11. Valencia City Mod

    Hi, after a long time without news we have been changing some models and making new ones. here there are some new police vehicles. This are the first vehicles we made.
  12. Barcelona City Mod (Released)

    Have you also tried to dowload the mod an installing it ?
  13. Barcelona City Mod (Released)

    Have you tried to reinstall the mod ?
  14. Barcelona City Mod (Released)

    Which version do you have?
  15. Barcelona City Mod (Released)

    Hi, I know that someone you have seen this new at Facebook : the Mod will be realased at November. Enviado desde mi Aquaris E4.5 mediante Tapatalk