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  1. Nice to see another Chicago mod in progress.
  2. Hello everyone. Long story short I have 911:Firstresponders and it didn't work on the first two computers I put it on.now I'm using computer that I used before and it worked on before I rebooted it. But now it says actavation code used too much. Does anyone know what to do. I emailed atari and they never responded. Can I use some one elses actavation code on mine? Idk. If some can help please do.
  3. When I start up 911 first responders in game it flashes multiple colors and then crashes. I had windows 7 but deleted it and replaced it with windows xp 4, tried switching every compatible mode possible and it still doest work. Does anyone have any idea how to fix the game so it works?
  4. Can someone please tell me how to install a RAR file to Emergency 4/3 Thanks
  5. Well if he's asking if the tower 1 is shorter then the tiller 6 it is, Tower 1 is 75 ft and the tiller is 100ft.
  6. 19 firefighters injured, two of them died at a 3-11 fire (chicagos version of a third alarm fire) Rip brothers
  7. K thanks, I have the download version. I guess I'll just buy the cd version so this doesn't happen again
  8. Hey my computer is messed up big time, and I have 911 first responders. How do u switch the game to a different computer?
  9. Ha no I work on a truck company on the north side

  10. I was just wonder if you are on truck company 3? i was thinking that maybe the L3 stood for "ladder 3".

  11. Wow the lights and model look amazing.Will the tone in the begining be a tone used in the mod?
  12. Love the model The new Ambulances are spartan http://www.spartanchassis.com/er/er_deliveries.asp?offset=120 G oto
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