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  1. If you're looking to join a clan just to get your hands on mods, you won't be looked up upon.
  2. You have to browse and find it. Most mods these days are just folder drag and drops though right into your Mods folder.
  3. Ace

    Mission Chief

    We're now globally ranked 8th looking for more members!
  4. Ace


    We play multiplayer games everyday if you want to join this community http://www.firstrespondersgaming.tk/
  5. Looks exactly like the real model, love it!
  6. If your computer has better spec requirements than GTA V
  7. If you have police vehicles stationed where the civ vehicles spawn, how is it still causing a problem? Cars don't just spawn at an intersection.
  8. Or you can find them in the downloads section of this website
  9. Finally a north american mod for emergency 5. Had me reinstall the game, played it for 30 minutes and it was fun to play.
  10. Emergency 4 will forever be the best
  11. Make sure the output folder is correct and run the mod installer as admin or maybe reinstall the mod installer. OR
  12. Ace

    Mission Chief

    We're looking for some more people to join our #MissionChief team! Create an account on https://www.missionchief.com/ and use Alliance code: First Responders Gaming You need to be on teamspeak while you play & to get accepted: FRG.tsdns.info If you have any questions feel free to email frgcommand@gmail.com We currently have 40 members playing mission chief & 50+ members within the community. Discord: https://discord.gg/rtqdJYb *The alliance is based off California and we are expanding to other cities* What is mission chief? Mission Chief is a free browser game https://www.missionchief.com/. You will be promoted directly to the head of a Public Safety Answering Point. You have to take emergency calls and alert your forces. You decide which vehicles must be sent to the scene. Fire brigade, rescue service, and the police stands under your control. But beware, use the right vehicles, otherwise you have maybe not enough reserve for other emergencies. Build your own guards around the world and equip them with your vehicles.Unbelievable but true, in this online game you work on real maps in real cities and not in a fantasy world. Follow your forces and watch carefully when you move out and come back.
  13. Both of you should reinstall using the same source.
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