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  1. Stan.... It says that The Mod file is Corrupt.. I installed like the Readme said..
  2. Hey Stan... I downloaded the UK Patch and I found a ModInstaller in it.. I opened.. everything was fine but it says that The mod file is Corrupt.
  3. Hoppah.. I need Help. I have a French Version of Emergency 3. I downloaded the LaMod For EM3, But there's no Patch 3 (v1.03) for the Emergency 3 in French. Stan told me that maybe the German Patches work on the French Version, but did not in Patch 3 (v1.03) is the ModInstaller that I have to use to Install this Patch. Please Help. What can I do?
  4. Didn't work.. what should I do know?... I really want to play that Mod.. Do you have a solution? There's a way of change the Version? I mean If I can change the version from French to German.. Something pLEASE!
  5. Thanks Stan.. I went to www.emergency-planet.com and I downloaded the patch.. but It says.. "German Version Only" Hope it works! Later I'll tell you if did work or not.. what version do you have?
  6. Stan.. I think you didnt' understand.. I have the french Version.. because I bought the game in Paris, anyways.. somebody told me that I have to use the "Emergency ModInstaller" 1- In "Readme" says that I have to install the Patch 3 (v1.03) and its says that the ModInstaller is in that patch.. Right. 2- I want to know please... where I can get that Patch? [ Patch 3 (v1.03) ] I looked in www.emergency-planet.com in "Download center" and I cant find that Patch. Where do i Get that Patch? [ Patch 3 (v1.03) ] Thanks.. And if I have to install a English Patch.. Where I can Get it? (Give me a Page please Example www.google.cl) Thanks for your time!! Thats what "Readme" says : ================================================= INSTALLATION: Patch 3 (v1.03) is required to install and play this mod. A ModInstaller is included in the patch. How to install this mod: Open 'Los Angeles Mod v2.5.e3mod' with the ModInstaller to install this mod. Without Patch 3 (v1.03), you can't play the Los Angeles Mod. ================================================= WHERE CAN I GET THAT PATCH?
  7. Hi... I downloaded the LA Mod for Emergency 3. I have a French Version (I bought the game in Paris.. I'm not French ) It says in "ReadMe" that I have to Install the Patch 3 (v1.03) But.. I cant find that patch.. I would like to know Where I cant get that Patch?... Does the La Mod works in the French Version.. If I have to Install aditional Patches... Pleaese someone Help Thanks
  8. ___________________ I have a French Version... But anyways.. I'm not french I bought the game in Paris.. I have to install patches? Where I cant get it? And Install it? THANKS!!
  9. Hi.. I downloaded de LA Mod for Emergency 3. I know that to load the LA Mod I have to use de "Emergency 3 ModInstaller" but the problem is that I cant find de "ModInstaller" I dont know where it is!!! Please some one help !
  10. OOOhhhh I am playingg!!! is so damm good the game.!! lool Thanks guys.... Thanks for your time... and for the screenshots... is easier to understand like that!! THANKS!!!! And thanks Hoppah for the LA Mod... is so good... I am at the mision "23" lol and I played the Freeplay and is cool too... The new police cars are so good... well thankyou guys..!!
  11. Thanks for your time... Stan I Hope its work... How I can put the LA mod Inside the Game?? Thankyou Stan!
  12. Hi.. well... I bought Em3 in France, And I have a French computer too... (Im Not french) But I loved ther.. What ever... I have a birg problem... and i cant play Emgency 3 on muy computer... I installed the Game but the screen keep on black... and the computer froze... I dont know what to do...!! I have played Em3 Before and I downloaded the LA MOD.... and I would like to know what I have to do For put it inside of the game... Thanks!!!! I hope some one can reply me... Thankyou for your time...!!
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