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  1. Hi, Its been a while since I was mudding, today I started to continue something but when I came to open e4p files in notepad and wordpad I was having a space between each letter of each word in the whole file, Anybody knows why? thanks
  2. Game Causing error after parkings were added,

    ahhhh....... Worked great now... Thanks a lot
  3. Game Causing error after parkings were added,

    Sorry, I didn't understand :(... anything I should fix from those parts?
  4. Hi, I wanted to add new Police parking bays but In a different place on the map due to the fact of having another small police station. I did search the forum numerous times and there were some topics which served a bit of a guide, (doing what was written, still got errors). I modified the GotoPolicestation.script in the se parts Added this: const char VO_POLICE09[] = "police_park09"; added 19 here: GameObjectList l1, l2, l3, l4, l5, l6, l7, l8, 19; Copied this from an existent and modified it: Game::CollectObstaclesOnVirtualObject(VO_POLICE09, l9, ACTOR_VEHICLE); if(l9.GetNumObjects() == 0) { list1 = Game::GetActors(VO_POLICE09); list2 = Game::GetActors(VO_POLICE_FP2); ParkinglotFound = true; } } if (!ParkinglotFound) { Added this: else if (v.IsCollidingWithVirtualObject(VO_POLICE09)) return; When I send units to Police Station the game pops up and error stating that ther is a problem in line... gameobjects 19 something like that? (I also did the parking bay (virtual object) in map) police_park09 RE: Parking direction that is not a problem I know what to do hehe.
  5. NYPD scooter

    Version 1.0.0


    NYPD Scooter - Westward Go-4 Interceptor 1. This NYPD Scooter can be used in any mod. 2. No need to ask me for permission to use. 3. including my name in your mod's readme if the model is used is enough. 4. Texture can also be changed or model re-uv mapped.
  6. Skinning People Tutorial

    To edit the texture you should rename the dds (textrure file) to v3o and unpack it with editor. Then rename back to v3o and you can open it in photoshop (using nvidia dds plugin). In the downloads section there is also a tool than unpacks/packd file but i am not sure how it works.. Haven't use it yet.
  7. I managed to rename them exevtally (usong zmod 3) like those seen ibt the editor but still not working :/
  8. I don't have it named in the v3o file.. because the animations are in a vmo file
  9. Btw i dont know if it has something to do but since its a vehicle i cannot tick the same traits as the rw spotlight super ( at the bottom where there is Complete: x physics x children x lights etc....)
  10. Yes thats what i been wanting to do.. So in this case the bindpose animation should be removed? And only lights on and lights off stays in the vmo file?
  11. They look the same, The only difference is that mine don't have the first letter in caps) (My exta one named bindpose) that is empty, cause i worked step by step like the tutorial in the video
  12. Yes they are named the same. So I named the animations in the truck as Light_on and Light_OFF exectally how the are the names of the animations in the RW_SPOTLIGHT_SUPER file. When the rw_spotlight_super file was placed on the rw equipment vehicle in the game it had Lightson and lightsoff commands attached and it worked.. min is'nt .... I also changed the traits of the police truck to rw. (as the rw truck) to be exectally.
  13. Hi, ( If i understood you right ) regarding animations, I did the animation already (with zmod 3) so now i have the truck file (v3o) and truck animatiuon file (vmo).. in editor they work but in game no *probably due to script I was planning to somehow assign the animations in Lights On and Lights Of scripts of the original game since they are used for the same purpose. but can't manage
  14. Hi, I watched this youtube video from zmodeler Now I managed to create animations as Lights On (Light Pole goes up) ... then Lights OFF (light Pole goes down).. Now it seemd that my problem is How to connect these animatuons in the game scripts of LIGHTS ON and LIGHTS OFF. Any type of help would be greatly appriciated Here are 2 pics to explain LIGHTS ON: LIGHTS OFF
  15. Hi I was trying to animate a new spotlight for a police light tower truck. I tried using zmodeler 3 and thats to a tutorial online I managed to get an Idea how to animate.. If I manage to animate correctly and manages to assign the animation with the model in zmodeler do i have to create a script for commands in game ? (Becuase Rw spotlight super has Loghts on, Lights Of Commands and same commands are not in scrips folder of the game)... how can this be possabile? Thanks in advance