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  1. Change the sirenesound from building

    found out of this, wasn't mono.
  2. Hello So i've made a new mod, well more like put out a pot and mixed some well known mods to make a new one #norwegianstyle. The thing is, i would like to share it with other pepole so everyone could enoy it or hate it. How do i credit the mods i've used? i used like biberfelde, PL mod, norway mod, maby some other mods in the future who knows... Is it enough with the details in a read me file or ? (and i do belive espacillay for norwegians/scandinavians, it got awsome!) tough i've used alot of houres to make this mod so it would be a shame to just make it a private mod as it is now.
  3. Hey So i'm pretty fresh in modding and do only some tweaks on exciting mods for my personal use. Some mods for instance bieberfelde has an alarm that sounds off when u call out the volunter firefighters. Usually with sirenes u just change the file and rename them the exact thing. But in this case the sound goes silent. I'm trying to change the sound to my national air raid signal. Any tip?
  4. Bieberfelde - Next Generation [EM5 / EM2016]

    long time no update since some streaming in march. Any cool news on what the modding team are currently working on?
  5. Oslo, Norway Mod (Private)

    Would you like to make this (my avatar) car too? Its a International D200 1975 model. Used in smaler firestations and often on forestfire. Got one my self ^^
  6. Norway Mod (RELEASED)

    Yo if you are going to make som later patches do you wanna make a skin of my "oldie" firetruck i just bought this winter ? It's a 1975 International D200 firetruck with a watercapacity of 600 L. Previous a very regular firetruck who was produced in the USA (as a large pick-up) and modified as a firetruk in Lier (norway), it's main job was fighting forestfires because of it imens pump. It has the capacity og connecting upp to 8 (yeah alot) hoses in the front (my truck is a special version) and one in the rear room, it has 3 equipment rooms on each side and one large in the back. It got 3 seats in the front... I have a video of it in action i can perhaps try to upload here if it's possible:)