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  1. Yes i'm well aware of that, thats why i'm talking about the EMR 3 mods and posted a logfile from Emergency 3, I just posted in the wrong forum.
  2. Logfile attached. I read through it, looks like it tried to load all of the mod features, but failed to. logfile.txt
  3. Game works. Mod installer works. Mods load. Freeplay starts. Edit: Evidently, the mods are not installing correctly. I tested a campaign mission in Notruf mod, and was able to use original EM4 units, but no Mod units. Anyone experience this before? I also have no unit commands, and can not call units. All I have is a map. I'm not ignorant and just messing up, all the prototypes are there, everything installed the way it should *See Edit. Error is common between both Notruf and LA Mod 2.5.
  4. Understood, just your personal choice than, and I can't fight that! Personally, I turn my call frequency down so that I only receive roughly 4 responses during a game day, 3 of which usually end up being medicals. I always enjoyed having the extra pieces to mess around with in the mean time, so I re-enabled them all.
  5. I don't know how I worded it in my first (or second?) post, because as we've all gone over, I was a little backwards at the time. But, the gist of it is, I used to play on an older PC, which ran Emergency 4, but not perfect. The graphics were stunted, the game lagged, it was a mess, I had to strip almost everything to run it comfortably. Recently (Within the last couple weeks) I picked up a new LAPTOP computer, with the best ATI Radeon mobile graphics card you can get, ect. The game runs beautifully, never lags, full graphics, blah blah blah, you know the drill. However, with the game running smoothly, it also meant traffic ran smoothly- and I couldn't get police into the area to control the issues on time. I don't know why some people never have any trouble, and all I *have* is trouble, but thats life. Anyway, my newest problem is, I played for an entire game day without any problem. Than, exactly at 6:00am the next day, the spawn points went on crack. They started flooding the road with cars, not a break, until the entire map was covered in a giant traffic mass, and my equipment couldn't even leave the station. I'm going to try V V V that solution by Quincy and see if it changes aything, although I did edit the parameters myself, I probably screwed it up. Also, PS to you Explorer 4x4, I downloaded your submod the other day to check it out. Its a keep, great work- however, why did you end up removing many of the extra vehicles from the game? Thanks for the XML file. If you read above, I tried editing the XML myself, and at 6:00am the next morning, in game, the world ended. I'll try yours, thanks for taking the time write it up, sir.
  6. You know what? Your right. I have more pressing issues. Gee, thanks for the new outlook on life. Sorry, I just figured the Emergency Planet Forums, where I come, oh.. twice a year, didn't really care about any of my other life issues, and my thread should probably just describe my LA Mod traffic problems. I don't know if you've ever been p***ed off before, but if you ever find yourself in the spot, try venting your problems, it helps. No matter how small, or large. Breaking windows isn't always the solution. And ERFD, Thanks for showing me a solution fixing the problem's I have been having with the LA Mod. I had searched through the SPECS folder under the normal areas I have edited, but rarely went into FREEPLAYPARAMETERS, and so I ended up passing it by. Explorer, nope- I ran with a ex-business computer with virtually no graphics card, or anything else for that matter. I'm now using an ATI Radeon graphics card on Windows 7, and the game runs like a charge- it doesn't lag. The lag is actually the main problem, now that traffic was moving at its normal rate of speed, and not slowed down, it would cause the problems before I could get to them. And nope, no humor, just anger.
  7. Hello. In short, I want to get rid of civilians cars through the script or something, or i'm never playing again . Thanks ahead of time, all you smarter-than-me-forumers.. Well. Time to vent. Im *done.* I'm no more good. I'm about to throw my entire computer out the window. I'm typing nice and pretty, but cussing between every other word. I have been playing LA Mod (and 911 First responders) essentially since release, and every time I do, I want to cut my own eyes out and replace them with easter eggs at how angry I am with the worthless civilian traffic. They do NOT make me feel like the city is alive. They make me want to die. Lately, my trickster mind and I have been spending the first 15 minuets of EVERY freeplay game placing police units at EVERY spawn point and blocking the road with cones and police cruisers. I'm sick of that, firstly because of how inconvenient it is, but mainly because of why I am here right now. Today, I blocked *all* the spawn points, and yet 5, maybe 10 cars somehow were left inside the map. Even with EVERY spawn point and road closed and rerouted, the 15 cars STILL gridlocked the entire city, blocked all mutual aid from one point to the other, refused to listen to commands. I called 2 foam tenders, a SWAT team, and a couple wreckers and was about to begin the process of BLOWING the heck out of every car left on the map, and decided it would be easier to quit and come here to the internet forum that I always neglect and, after ALL this time, ask for help. Im going insane.
  8. As the title states, i'm pissed. *Both* Emergency 3 AND Emergency 4 both start, flash black, and crash to desktop, after working for 6 months without a hitch. It did this briefly before, too, but fixed itself. I know my computer can handle it, because i've had one or both of these games for YEARS without any problems. This is making me hotter than two ferrets doing it in a wool sock.
  9. I was just wondering what units you all send to: 1. Exploded Gas Pipe- Full Firebox Assignment. 3 engines, 2 trucks, battalion cheif, EMS supervisor. Upgrade or cancel on location after breif initial report. 2. MVA- Since all Emergency 4 MVA's are rescues, I send a rescuebox assignment. 1 Engine, 1 Truck, 1 Squad or rescue, EMS supervisor, battalion cheif, medic-level ambulance. 3. Unknown type fire- 1 Engine for breif initial report. 4. Active Shooter- Took shooters out of the game. Dont like certine police tasks. Edit: Somebody asked somebody else why people send a ladder wagon to an MVA. Many departments carry extrication tools on their trucks, IE your jaws of life.
  10. I use the Foam Tender as a tanker during situations where I cant find a hydrant.
  11. I'd crack my skull if I couldnt use all American apparatus, so im stuck between a rock and a hard place without the LA mod and my own limited modifications and tricks.
  12. Hey Everyone. I was reading the "Emergency 5 Suggestion Topic" and alot of people decided that Engines needed a water supply limit, which is something i've *alwasy* belived since the first Emergency games I played. When the LA mod came out for Emergency 4/911 First Responders, I saw the Gated Wye, and thought of something else. Heres how i've been simulating water supply for ages, and i've decided to show you all. Yes, I realize it isnt really giving me water, and that if I wanted to I could run a master stream for 14 hours without a problem, but with a tiny bit of willpower, you can limit your use of water on a fire until connecting to a hydrant by pulling a hoseline from the engine to the hydrant or the hydrant to the engine and placing a gated wye on the ground next to the connection, the wye is large enough to finish any gap, and it looks good... with some imagination, you can have a much more realisitic event, including placing a connection to the ladder wagon, (its obviously not a quint, so hows it pumping water without a connection to an engine and a hydrant?) placing a connection to an engine before using its master stream, that sort of thing. Try it out, it looks good and gives that much more back in gameplay. Sorry im as inactive as a dead man, but thats just how it is. Seeya all later.
  13. Your going to add engines from all the companies, or just skins to replace?
  14. Hey, i'm with the Glyndon Fire Department, Baltimore County. I'd love to help, but I suck at modding, so send me a message if I can help. I'd love to play BCoFD, though. Thanks.
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