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  1. Fire skins are getting some much needed love. Note: Models not made by me, just small edits to them were.
  2. **Sneak Peek** Foam 4 Model by: Itchboy(cab) Hoppah(body) Myself(slight model edits and Skin)Note: Skin isn't 100% complete. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/2040196107_Emergency4Deluxe12_4_20199_51_11PM.thumb.png.93965eccb3b20bccd5aa752ab5158a79.png
  3. It looks a lot better black. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Thanks man. I always update the credits whenever i add something new. lol I need to buy Zmodeler3. I absolutely CAN NOT figure out Blender or Zmodeler2.
  5. 1. I suck at modeling, I can break apart/combine models but I've struggled with actually making a new model (i'm attempting to learn though). 2. With that being said I'm relying on stuff made by other people for my mod. I know EXACTLY where the content i use comes from and my credits file is in order for when i release the mod. 3. That is the Ford E 350 by Itchboy in fact, most of the vehicle models are from Itchboy. He is listed in the Credits for my mod. I'm also under the impression that I'm not required to post credits for every picture i post, Just when I release content with someone else's content in it. If Itchboy wishes that I give him credit for every picture/post I make, I will gladly do so. I am in no way trying to take credit for someone else's work. I only take credit for the skin on that particular vehicle.
  6. Huntersville Coroner. Ford E Series by: Itchboy, Skin by myself http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_11/1645863794_Emergency4Deluxe11_29_20198_39_06AM.thumb.png.b5089be25aee4c9044b0c00431476f67.png
  7. I've been keeping an eye on this mod and after watching TheNorthernAlex's video i just gotta say, this looks amazing. I can tell lots of hard work has gone into this mod. I didn't really realize how much time and effort went into modding till i started working on my own mod. I defiantly have a new respect for people like you, itch, ans socom. I hope to be able to make a mod as good as this looks one day. Most of these people wouldn't throw so much hate your way if they knew what went into modding. Can't wait to see more updates. Keep up the good work!
  8. Does the traffic just build on its own or is it because you block the roads for incidents?
  9. Loving this more and more every time i see an update!
  10. I can't think of a good way to explain the scripting side. To do it through the editor: 1. Go to the vehicle in the editor. 2. Click on "traits". 3. There is a place to change the number of transports/passengers. Change those to the desired amount of people/transports you want in the vehicle.
  11. Hello everyone! I've been working on this mod for a while now. I have a page on the Emergency 4 Central Discord but, i wanted to make a thread here as well to reach those of you that aren't on Discord. Huntersville is a fictional mod. There will be 5 fire stations with a variety of units. I will be posting some pics soon! Note: Nothing is final and everything is subject to change. Stuphen Engine: Cab by: Itchboy Body by: Socom. Skin by: Myself Chevy Tahoe By Itchboy, Skin by: myself Dodge Ambos: Cab by: Ubisoft, Box by: Itchboy, Skin by: myself Ford Explorer by: Electronic Arts, Skin by: Myself Dodge Charger By: Itchboy Skin by: Myseld Chevy Caprice By: Itchboy, Skin by:Myself http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_11/252428230_Emergency4Deluxe11_23_20194_09_10PM.thumb.png.5b55973a3e8ee55bbf914353e5302c1d.png http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_11/476897310_Emergency4Deluxe11_24_20193_30_44PM.thumb.png.399780c4d97b0fb5d46b4d758d8facdc.png
  12. @Power_Star Do you have the 911 First Responders of EM4 version of the game?
  13. I have it in my fp startup. I also have an object named tiller_check. The tiller_check VO also covers the entry and exit point. The cabin also has all the commands. \
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