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  1. I haven't been to the board in a while but I'll contribute here. So... I had a pleasure to spend a day in my local city Dispatch Center. They had dispatcher off today so there was an police officer filling in for one of the dispatchers. Standard procedure, but officers are not allowed to answer 911s unless all the dispatchers are busy. So we've got some calls coming. It's getting pretty busy. One of the dispatchers is on a line with a lady that states that she have seen a serial killer in Ohio (note that we are in Detroit Metro Area). She demands local police to go and investigate. Dispatcher can't just hang up on her so she tries to explain to her that she's calling the wrong place. We've got more calls coming in. Second dispatcher is getting one and police officer is forced to take another one (there were 2 dispatchers and police officer there). Next call coming in. Second dispatcher is forced to put one call on HOLD to take another one. And an engine calling for repeat of address. 15 minutes of chaos in this place... everything because of stupid lady that decided to call 911... what a waste of resources. Another call... I was riding along with an officer and we receive a call through CAD about "Protesters in front of a bank". We head to the address and what we see? Girl scouts selling cookies... We called in it as it was (we even asked on a radio if anyone want to buy some ) and then the best part. Caller called again and he demanded the girl scouts to be ticketed... Please...
  2. Roger that, thanks for answer.
  3. Should I even bother sending application for closed beta? I wasn't really in the loop for last 4-5 months and I don't know what is going on. Maybe someone from team can tell me.
  4. O hai thar! What is this? :D

  5. @up Good idea but, anyone here can arrange this with real dispatcher?
  6. ATI Radeon™ HD 3800
  7. No no You just have extended desktop and you can use one application on one monitor and other on second. For example I have my IRC and all IM software running on second display and I work on first one.
  8. You've got integrated graphics? Well I got graphics card that is made for duals. Works fine for me (for like a year).
  9. Battle Station thead? Okey then... Post yours, no special cleaning up ;D Yeah... dual monitor setup is superior. Its not clonned, its extended I just put two windows with this same. //edited, I messed up the page
  10. Ah... come on... !!! You know what I mean. You ever listened to american police radio? 80% of dispatchers are female.
  11. Hi! Sometime ago I got an I idea. Since LA MOD uses a lot of "scripted" calling for units, like police backup command and Fire Chief/EMS Capitan commands, I thought that making a "dispather" who will call units using script (without lurking the map for free unit and then sending them) is a good idea. Well... this explaination is bad so I will use a example. 1. You have few LAPD patrol cars on patrol and fully staffed fire stations. 2. You recieve a call about a attempted homicide. What are you doing now: 3a. Look for free LAPD car and send it to the scene. 4a. Look for free ambulance or go to fire station to select a ambulance. What is my "idea" 3a. Click group button 1 (for example) and select Dispacth Police command (works this same as normal Police Backup command) and select Dispatch ALS Ambulance (this same as EMS Capitan "Call ALS Ambulance" command) You save time. You can add realism by creating additional radio sounds (something like "Dispatch to any available unit, we need ALS Ambulance at this location"). If your fire station is empty you can enjoy fire station alarm for every fire without need to empty the fire station later (every time you will call Engine, designated number of firefighters will staff engine and go, with alarm sound and light). This is just a idea. I don't have any scripting skills but I tried to make a Dispatcher Panel. Using model of Fire Station Control panel I created a new unit/object. I added required commands but when I click it on the map commands (and this green seletion ring) doesn't appear. Any idea on that? Maybe ShaneGreen will include this to next version of his great submod (which is awesome itself). Right now I will leave this as open matter. And maybe someone will be able to help me and I will make it myself. Btw. Who recorded those radio speech that is now in LAMOD? And is here any female to record female dispatcher voice?
  12. Nice! But I won't be suprised if relase date will be postponed
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    Then delete it! And install again.
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