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  1. Fire

    Thank you for the fast response!
  2. Fire

    I've got a problem with my mod. I've downloaded the expanded freeplaymap v1.4 and put it in my own mod. But when i have a fire, the fire spread rapidly. And if I send to the fire my firetrucks then they explode.. How can I fix this?
  3. The London Project [WIP]

    Ow man, i'm love this mod! ;-) Keep up the good work!
  4. Script roof

    Does anybody know where I can find a easy script that the roof of my firestation disappears and appears when I click the command?

    Nice one!

    Preview Antwerpen Mod
  7. The Skinning Contest 2.0

    Yeah, ok that's the truth, but you know, just like me, that an ordaniry fire truck from belgium will never win from one of the american trucks. They should say for the contest a subject and place. Then we got all the same. Example: fire truck from iraq or ambulance from china
  8. The Skinning Contest 2.0

  9. [Script] Schlauchanschluss von zwei Autos

    ERS Berlin has such a script but the Winterberg also. I prefer the ERS Berlin script because he has less bugs.
  10. The Skinning Contest 2.0

    Got a question.. Does non-american vehicles have a chance too?
  11. The Skinning Contest 2.0

    Ambulance truck from Fire Department Torhout (Belgium) This is my entry
  12. Motor boat transporter

    Ok, now it works, but the problem i've got now is that the boat doens't get into the water anymore. In the superstructs from the truck there are 3 boats, FMB, FMB1 and FMB2. How can I fix it? Problem solved. Thanks!
  13. Motor boat transporter

    Ok, so if I understand it, in the original emergency 4 the .e4p is in the map of Prototypes/Fire Department, my .e4p is under the map Prototypes/02Brandweer. That should fix the problem? I'm gonne try this now
  14. Motor boat transporter

    I've made a fire truck with a boat on it. A custom TFMB and a custom FMB. But, if I spawn the truck ingame, then is it my custom TFMB but the original/standard emergency 4 motor boat on it.. Could somebody help me?
  15. Stations

    I think I've found it, it's something with the coordinates. But how can I know the coordinates from my virtual object?