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  1. Hello! I'm Steven. I'm projecting my own mod, and i need the Models file "Hino Ranger" of your mod. Could you please share it with me? In my country, they are using Japanese fire truck such as Hino Ranger, pumper,..ect. So i hope you can share the file with me, my own mod would be reallity than it can! :)

  2. Japan is alright. Its getting a lot of helped. Due to the the setup the Japanese's Fire Department and Disaster Management the first response units worked very well. Even that this Disaster is way bigger than it was planned and drilled for in training. I was in the area where it was hit. I hope all the people that I met are ok. I am planning to go to Japan to help in the recovery. Since it is my 2nd home in my future.
  3. I'm from a small town myself. Are all your map roads going to be grid squared? Because that's all I am seeing.
  4. I made maps before. I would change the color of the pavement with side roads and main roads. I used Photoshop to make more better looking roads than what the skin pack offers. It add realism to streets.
  5. Sounds like you need a big sign hanging over the the fire hydrant. Would that help you find it?
  6. Sorry, that this mod is having so many problems and going so slow. It's good that I'm becoming a expert in Japanese Fire Services. But nothing finish to show that. Been trying to make this mod for years. Many false hopes and problems along the way. It is more like a dream than a mod project. Well least I have fun with the research. I hope, I get college grant money for more research.
  7. I buy the very first Emergency many years ago. I will buy this game... Is Amazon.com the only place that has the only US copy? Or I want to buy the UK version or EU? If there a difference? I like to have a buy DL site and game box shipped later.
  8. I'm back from Tokyo and I did some field research! Uploading pictures are going to be a pain... Oh, yea that's me in the picture. At Tokyo FD's Shibuya Fire Station. Next time... I will ask for more permission to train with Japanese Firefighters. I was lucky at Sendai FD. Also I'm going to do Research at my University on Japanese Fire Departments. Question: Should I make a New Forum for Tokyo Mod? I think, I can't use some items in the past and many things has changed. I feel it needs cleaning.
  9. I like every one to know... I'm in Japan right now researching Japanese Fire Departments. This maybe help our mod look very great in extra detail. I will post pictures later. I'm seeing that this mod is going to take long to be finish. More likely if we start more work now? We would be finish maybe after EM5? I hope transfer files from EM4 to EM5 is not a pain. I just think EM5 is a big graphic upgrade. We are still looking Model makers and script writers. Feel free to ask me questions of Tokyo Mod. But don't ask when it will be finish.
  10. You can drive this Police car in the new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.
  11. I try to update my maps to look just like the real thing. I wish I have new picture to share. I been to Japan and I know how the designs of city are like. I also look on Google Earth and Street View to make it look real. I should finish some of my remodel maps and snapshot it and share.
  12. That's great you want to help. What we really need is models right now. I think, I can not still use models that other people have made for this mod... Because a lot of them are unfinished and they never told if they are still helping? Texture for the model is a 2nd need... Even that I could make texture at my skill level. I don't have the software to place skins on models. Maps, We have no lacking in the Map department... I just not working on them like I should. That's because I really have no goal to finish one because of lack of models. I relocated to a different college. I will see if I could find any helpers. But I maybe have to wait till Fall comes again. I have some new Ideas that no other mod have done before. I know they would work too. But it will be nice to have a scripter around. Scripters that want to help before had no work to do because of no models to write scripts for. Any one who want to help just PM me and share some sample of your work. ----- Here a New Japanese Fire department fun fact. Doctor's Cars in Japan are not own by the Fire Department, they are own by hospital and medical schools. They maybe painted like the Ambulances in Japan... But are just part of the Medical Assistance Teams program and the fire department just calls near by hospital for medical assistance. So no doctor's cars comes from any fire station. I got this info off of the Tokyo Fire Department websites and other sources.
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