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  1. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    Thanks! 👍 Cheers!! Robert.
  2. The Netherlands Mod [WIP]

    @ Gabriel Evans / Johnny BNL, Hi, For the record, the further development of the Dutch Mod, also known as The Netherlands Mod (TNM), it is experiencing a bit of a hard time now. Should you be willing to read my earlier posts, maybe you've even done so already, than you would know that at the moment there is only Ben12 working on TNM as we speak. The only problem is, he is doing it in his spare time next to his studies. Also, he is unfortunately not as familiar with the modding process as FrozenOne and ItsLeandro were at the time, but he sure as hell is trying to get the job done. FrozenOne was the creator of the mod in the first place and when he stopped, for personal reasons, ItsLeandro took over TNM's further development. Now that ItsLeandro stopped modding TNM as well, Ben12 "reported in" to take over, but it's giving him a hard time. That's why I tried desperately, on several occasions, by calling out on our forum here, to find new modders who would like to help out in the further development of TNM. I myself am not a modder; I'm standing on the side line and I'm only giving tips, suggestions and comment to the modders on TNM's modding development. I could do so because I have been a Dutch ambulance driver for some time, which was good enough reason for all of the TNM modders, to accept my comments that I brought in with respect to their work; not as "plain orders". Thanks to the fact that the modders and I were able to work as a team, and my comments, tips and suggestions were well appreciated by the modders, we all brought TNM to where it is now. However, I am now familiar with the fact that the release of EM5's latest patches 4.0.1 and 4.1.0 are giving problems for playing TNM. I hope Ben12 will be able to sort things out. But, if any of you guys are familiar with modding and want to help out, or even know somebody for that matter, who would be perfectly capable for the job and willing to join in, please get in touch with me. Cheers!! Robert.
  3. KillerConstis Mini Mod [February Update]

    Great! Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, For those of you who play EM5 and showed themselves having modding experience making their own EM5-mods at home, and think they can- and want to do better on a more larger scale, I would like to ask you to consider joining and participating the further development of The Netherlands Mod (TNM); AKA "The Dutch Mod". We now only have Ben12 working on the Mod, but he told me he surely could use some extra hands. A few months ago, I launched another "cry for help" witch resulted in a reaction of only two persons, telling they were experienced in modding EM-5. One of them has offered his help, but only after finishing his own personal project first (so, I don't know how much time this will take), and the other one I lost contact with after I sent him a PM - that is, according to the mailbox of our forum, he neither read this mail nor responded to it. So I do hope, referring to his most enthusiastic response at first, he is still all right; but I must admit: if not worried, I am confused. If you ARE interested, please read my earlier post about TNM: http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/22071-again-modding-em5-dutch-mod-has-stopped-anyone-interested-in-please-taking-over/ Just today, the newest patch for modding EM-5/2016/2017 games (patch number: 4.01) was released on the Emergency Game site https://www.world-of-emergency.com/. The specifics about the patch can be seen here: https://www.world-of-emergency.com/news/2017-10-20/65-patch_4_0_1_out_on_pc and the download can take place from either the website http://world-of-emergency.com/patch or through the Steam website http://store.steampowered.com/app/524110/Emergency_2017/. I am NOT a modder myself, but if YOU are one, love to play the EM-5/2016/2017 games, maybe even being triggered again by this patch update, convinced of your knowledge and experience in EM-5/2016/2017 modding at home, willing to grow into something bigger or maybe even considering some time to participate in the further development of an already existing mod , than please get in touch with me through the forum or, if so wished, you can also do so through PM. Although I am, you don't need to be Dutch. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!! Robert.
  5. Ben's Mods: New Dutch Mod, BetterEM5, American Mod

    Hey Hash, Again, I'm trying to get in touch with you through the forum, reminding you that you still didn't respond to my PM on October 6, nor on my reminder of the PM on October 13, after your offer to help us work on the further development on the modding of The Netherlands Mod (TNM). The "Message box", containing my PM's I sent you, to be activated at the top left corner, is telling me that you still didn't even read them, or weren't able to. I don't know the reason for this; but off course, you also don't need to tell anybody as your reasons can easily be most personal. Then again, referring to the tone of your enthusiastic response to my "cry for help" on September 30, it makes me a bit confused that I'm not hearing from you anymore. I do hope, you're still okay and in good health! Should you be able again to read this message and still be willing to join in - or not, please send me a reply. Hope to hear from you real soon. Cheers!! 🥂 Robert 😉
  6. I'm afraid you have to ask that to real modders. As you know, I'm not. Maybe get in touch with Ben12? Cheers!! Robert.
  7. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    Hey Chad, I just watched your footage and it looks great. There is only one thing I would like you to make aware of. Around the Ambulance you've made a "blue glance" turning around the ambulance. You should consider that to have that removed, since that glance in real life is only to be created with "real blue turning lights" - Our Dutch emergency vehicles used to have them but now they all have blue "flashing lights". So, the ambulance should only spread the same blue glance of the flashing lights just as you did with the police vehicles. BTW, I understand your reluctance for joining our group, but it's not that scary or pushing as you probably might think it is. If it's alright with you, I'd like to get back to you on that in a PM. The only problem now, is that the site is apparently under construction so PM is not working yet properly. Please give me some time. Cheers!! Robert.
  8. I think it's best to package it with "WinRar". As soon as you've downloaded and installed "WinRar" on your computer (a free version will do), right click on the map which contains the complete contents of the map (e.g. "Dutch Mod") you're willing to prepare for package and download. Then the mouse menu will offer you to let "WinRar" create a RAR file with the name of the map of your choice. Then, in this example, the file "Dutch Mod.rar" will be created and ready for you to be uploaded to the forum. There the players should be able to download your file and have it installed. Cheers!! Robert.
  9. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    Hey Chad, Without seeing your update yet, Ben12 thinks you're joining in is great! He tried to get in touch with you last night, but the site was down. The site is back on air again and received a facelift. Maybe you could reach out to him as well. As soon as I've seen your video I'll contact you through a PM. Afterwards I would like to receive your personal e-mail address so communicating would go much faster. But I'll tell you all about it. Cheers!! 🥂 Robert. 😉
  10. Dutch Mod 3.0 Release and Future of American Mod

    Hi, Reading your post makes me smile. I really am interested in your modding results to look at and to comment on. As you probably know, reading all my forum posts, I think it is fair to say that I consider myself being the stimulator on our forum to find and urge new moderators to keep on developing our Dutch mod; simply, because it's a great mod and the first and only active EM5 mod. For the third time now, I found new modders to continue with its development (2 times a Dutch modder and at the moment an American modder: "Ben12"). A few days ago a second American modder offered his services to help out with Ben12's further development on The Netherlands Mod (TNM), but sadly, until now he hadn't yet replied to the PM I sent him last Friday. As a matter of fact, Ben12 could use all the help he could get because his school studies also take a lot of his time. I'm not a modder myself as I explained several times on the forum earlier. In the Netherlands, I worked as an ambulance driver for some time. So, therefor, I became familiar with the work and procedures of the Dutch EMS, Police and Fire Department, as well as their appearance in the field. Meaning: the colors, striping, emergency lights, numbers and texting of our Dutch Emergency vehicles and "Life Liners" (= EMS Helicopters), the looks of the uniforms of the Dutch first responders, Fire Fighters, Policemen and "Life Liner" personnel, etc. etc. I offered myself as an advisor to the Dutch mod builders. We became a team and made the Dutch mod to what it is today! And, as I assume you are now also familiar with the looks and feel of TNM, you know where we stand and I am not ashamed to tell you that we could really use your help with the further development of TNM. So, whatever improvements you made on the models, you must understand it must be "in line" with our real-life Dutch Emergency vehicles. No offense, but using red and blue lights and American whaling sounds for sirens wouldn't be realistic for TNM. But maybe you already figured that out through YouTube footage. Should you still be able and willing to also work on TNM, I will send you a PM for further agreements to be made. I also would like to ask you now to post your further comments regarding TNM here: http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/21039-bens-mods-new-dutch-mod-betterem5-american-mod/?page=2#comment-320478 I will inform Ben12 about your post. I'm sure we'll all get along fine. Mind you: I'm only an advisor to you mod builders and certainly not in charge or "playing boss" for that matter. BTW: What is your first name? Hope to hear from you soon - and please upload us your work. Cheers!! 🥂 Robert. 😉
  11. Ben's Mods: New Dutch Mod, BetterEM5, American Mod

    Hi Hash, For the record: the day before yesterday I sent you a PM. I hope, as soon as you've read your PM, and you are (hopefully) still willing to join in, please get in touch with me ASAP, so we could get the wheels start rolling... 😉 Cheers!! 🥂 Robert.
  12. Ben's Mods: New Dutch Mod, BetterEM5, American Mod

    Hi Hash, I'm glad you responded to my call out. I love your enthusiasm. I will contact you in PM shortly. Welcome to the club! Cheers!! Robert.
  13. Ben's Mods: New Dutch Mod, BetterEM5, American Mod

    Hey Ben, I'm glad you ARE still working on the mod, being the only one as far as I know. I do think people will understand that you also have a personal life, which surely will be accompanied by personal problems, worries and setbacks - just as anyone else. So for that matter, I don't think people will blame you for your efforts, to further develop The Netherlands Mod (TNM), to go that slow as you are talking about. As long as we'll hear from you from time to time, even with as little news as possible, we can wait. But maybe it's time again if, in your name, I can try to call in the troops from our forum (if there are any), who are now familiar with modding in Emergency 5. Maybe they are experiencing very good results at home with their own private little projects, and are willing to give it go, to help you out with TNM. So, if any of you players think/know, you already have enough modding experience to help and build the development of TNM to a higher level, please respond here. I'll get back to you the moment I read your message. I do know, that Ben12 wouldn't mind if he'd receive some help. I have good contacts with Ben12 already, so I'm sure we can make some good appointments together. Please, let's all try to prevent letting this beautiful mod go to waste, due to a lack of time of the one modder we currently have working on TNM. If only more modders would jump into our aid, I'm convinced we can do the job. Of course you can get in touch with me through PM as well. For what it's worth, I'm Dutch. Cheers!! Robert.
  14. Bieberfelde - Next Generation [EM5 / EM2016]

    Maybe here you can stay tuned... https://www.world-of-emergency.com/modding Cheers!! Robert.
  15. The Netherlands Mod [WIP]

    HEY BEN!! GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN!! At the time you told me that your lack of time was the cause of your leaving. I'm so glad you're able (even if only temporary), AND MOTIVATED, to pick up the further development of the Dutch mod again. I hope you still have my email address so maybe you are willing to get in touch with me again for answering your maybe questions. Surely I can fill you in on the information you need. Should you've lost my mail address, then please contact me through PM at first. I am really looking forward to our cooperation again. For the record, should you have become acquainted in the mean time with other EM5 modders who would like to assist you, please don't let them hesitate. Still, my call out also goes for other modders on our forum who would like to join in (maybe even again?). Cheers!! Robert.