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  1. Is there another way to unhook the supply line from the engine without using rapid deployment? Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. I saw the pics of station 2 in the thread. where is it in the mod?
  3. The map is based off the LA mod. As far as anything everything else, I'm not sure about. I've finally got the Montana mod just about the way I want it, I just want that limited water.
  4. Loot, I have been trying to put this into my montana mod v1. I can't tell the differences between your tutorial and the mod itself. There are some things that are different or doesn't make sense to me. Can someone assist me with this?
  5. can I just edit the go to hospital script and instead of them leaving the map they just stay at the hospital after they drop off the patient? Like they do in the harbor city mod?
  6. I just want to park 2 ambulances by the hospital in v1 of the montana mod. I dont care about making a station or anything.
  7. I found a thread on here where I had to go in and change and add some stuff in the run file. Someone named m1 tanker wrote it and I used to have it bookmarked but its gone now. I couldn't tell you where I found it.
  8. I am trying to do the same thing in my version of the montana mod. I have made a gate but I dont know how to make the red name over the box. I did it from virtual objects. I added to the script already and now it crashes because it cant find the gate.
  9. Ok sorry for the double post. I've been trying to make a parking space at the hospital on v1 of the Montana mod. I have put the gate over by the hospital, but I cant figure out how to name it. Also no whenever the game starts it crashes to desktop and says something about can not find gate03. I tried to go ahead and put in the script which is why I think it crashes. Can someone help?
  10. Does this work when adding a parking spaces at the hospital?
  11. I tried to reskin the ff paramedic no helment dude, ever since I reskinned him it crashes to desktop when I click on him. I think I have found a way around it. I just try to use the 2 paramedics with the stretcher. Is there a way I can make it where those are the only 2 in the truck when I call them in?
  12. Hey everyone, i'm having a problem with my little private montana mod. Whenever I click the ff paramedic, I get a CTD. I have modified this mod from the original version. I basically just reskinned some units, and changed some accidents. Anyway I have no intentions in releasing this mod. I just need some help with the CTD. Any help would be appreciated. Everything else so far works fine. Thanks
  13. I did do that, but it still didnt appear. I found another option, I moved engine 1 to station 3 and engine 3 to station 1 and reskinned the truck numbers and boom! got it.
  14. You have to edit every value that you want as far as I know. The higher the number on the combustion value (I think) will slow it down because it will take longer to catch fire. I just edited the trees and bushes I think. I may have tried houses and buildings too.
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