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  1. I didn't mean broken due to only 1/2, I meant broken as in they don't appear as they should.
  2. Spine boards are somewhat broken, you only get one per ambulance but just pretend it's like a stretcher, used the same way (but you'll need both if you need the spine board)
  3. There's not going to be anything you can do except get a new PC. If you've already set it to lowest, plus your PC specs are not hot.
  4. If your laptop is the one you say it is, then it's integrated graphics...which will cause lots of problems if your integrated and only have 4 gigs of ram.
  5. All you should have to do is find change where it's being installed. Doesn't matter what the name is.
  6. Not sure if this is known, but the ambulance doesn't quite make it around the corner by the fire station. Minor, just thought I'd point it out as I've not seen it posted before. Also I think it's been posted that the ambulance just before that on the menu doesn't exactly work. It goes about 2 feet then the stretcher gets out and hoofs it to the hospital.
  7. Mod installer does work from Atari, I've got it from Atari's website and Steam(still Atari) and both mod installers work. However, just yesterday they released a patch for the mod installer. I've never had any problems with it.
  8. I myself don't like the idea of having random numbers of volunteers respond, it takes long enough as said already to get them to the station, and by the time they get to where they have to go it's already a massive blaze. I think it would be much better in a gaming stand to keep it standard for every call out. If you only want 3, then leave the others at the station.....or just dont use them. Mine for that was 60, which would explain the problem I had too just didn't think much of it.
  9. I never said it ran well, it runs very poorly with intel, but it does run at least for the few minutes I ran it on intel by accident. I've got an Asus Vivobook S551, which is a decent computer. I presume if I ran it via the intel and turned down the graphics it'd work better, but it runs smooth with the GeForce 840M. Despite a little lag here and there.
  10. I wouldn't change the units that are given, it's the perfect amount to me. And probably option 2 but it doesn't really bother me either way.
  11. This mod does work on intel graphics, at least on my computer as that's what EM4 was for some odd reason running under despite me changing it before I swear haha.. however I've got a i7-4500U CPU with 8 gigs of ram, but it does run very laggy on the intel graphics
  12. Chrome does say it but it seems okay if you tell it otherwise. One bug I seen was; Error when ambulance is sent to hospital, it trys to return to the Fire station but can't, causing my game to freeze, but an error does pop up under the frozen game...never did get a screen shot (sorry)
  13. For me, one bug is I cannot call in any units from the cheif, not sure if it's known or not... or when cops patrol(for me) they more often than not get stuck in places and that causes many explosions from trains :/ Other than that it's great!
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