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  1. man that would be found where zrihtati that were larger missions (fire accidents) because they are only small tasks quickly tired of al of such a mission then after a while Whereas in Winterberg, a number of missions that a lot of work (crash) can be some nice new mod that is similar to Berlin and when there is new york
  2. when I go to the folder in which I once saw the fire but was not even marked on the map but I still went to put out when I get to the fire and I wanted to start extinguish it I can not even suppress it as they did not
  3. anyone download this fashion because it looks awesome Wuppertal-Modifikation
  4. super mod would be nice if they gave zrihtati to take yourself in firefighting hoses and s then mount the harvest, as with LOS A mods what may be yet to come any bigger correction such as the one figure that the towing service to the car fox , can be more finely a car with only top
  5. what to do in these two cases In the first case, the former wounded on a wooden board so I took a chainsaw and sawed dif when I came up with a doctor I could not do anything with fire Sun http://www.shrani.si/?2D/nm/28jmfkaH/2343.png another example here at all nevme what to do with fire nemorem zero (sawing move) http://www.shrani.si/f/43/jL/3Te7DcC8/12.png
  6. may be there already created folder that would be more than rural forests, farms that would not be the only plane where the sick would be difficult to transition path it would be nice if such houses were along the river and the river flooded during heavy rain and unable to rescue the probably it is hard to do do but it would be interesting
  7. Has anyone played this level I think at this point I do not know at all what I do not burn any damaged boxes can not be but I do not know with what they can look please if anyone out to communicate
  8. how to clean up http://www.gasilci.org/galerija/d/55571-2/trojak.jpg
  9. could anyone tell which letters when a car towing and the car fire with a diving
  10. freeplay is there when you play one trial mission, but when you play freeplay I do not know which car you used so if there is room zrihtat would be great if they were next to the image
  11. when will someone mod it 100% to load them up because I would love to play freplay because otherwise mod is great what can freeplay there when doing missions
  12. menu still does not work I have 2 missions when I want it freeplay is the only network still http://www.shrani.si/?1Q/60/RzB9hMU/46456.png
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