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  1. Mate you are triggered on this stuff Calm Down ive gonna credit all Owners
  2. Texas Highway Patrol And Fort Worth Police Vehicles Credits to the model owners Ford Explorer @itchboy Ford Taurus @itchboy Dodge Charger @itchboy http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/1276510435_Em42020-03-0707-38-26-949.thumb.jpg.b855a9b42412843c7503a3d381c8a024.jpg
  3. Dallas Fort Worth International Fire Service Done Fire Engine 4 Done Rescue 4 Done Battalion Chief Done Ladder 4 Done EMS Supervisor Done EMS MICU DONE
  4. DFW Aiport EMS Mobile Intensive Care Unit Model @itchboy and @Slatedragon1
  5. FWF Battalion 1 Chief Model @itchboy and @slatedragon1
  6. 2 More Units For DFW EMS And 6 units For MedStar EMS
  7. Dallas Fort Worth Airport EMS Supervisor Model @itchboy @slatedragon1 Reskin By Me
  8. Engine 22 and Rescue 38 Responded to An MVC Call Assisted By Texas Highway Patrol Dodge Charger Engine22 Model By @bama1234 and @itchboy
  9. Texas Highway Patrol Dodge Charger Model @itchboy Reskin BlazingGod8(RazerGFX) http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/2014816142_PromoFortWorthTHP.png.90ec6c3994a41fbbcff4e7aaee4821fc.png
  10. Squad 2 And Rescue 38 Credit To @itchboy And SlateDragon1
  11. Fort Worth Modification More Pics With The Units And Other Stuff Coming Soon Base Mod Used : Los Angeles v2.1 Credit To @Hoppah For The Base Mod http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_03/517274617_PromoFortWorthPromo.png.768100fed31a9dfeffb9bbcbca61cf09.png
  12. Ive read the file and most of the models there are made by @slatedragon and @itchboy
  13. Mate Ive started modding 2 weeks ago i dont know all Models owners
  14. You mate ive found the problem my Em4 Setting Where to high And Thanks for the Help
  15. Yep is west falls i have not edited anything but the png files and dds files are empty i think theres an problem with dxt3 on my pc
  16. I Have an problem with models that use .dds files If Some one can tell me what to do??
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