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  1. RT @tribelaw: Nor do Ivanka, Donald Jr, or Eric — who run the Trump Org and who conspired to commit federal election crimes to help daddy b…

  2. Carlsbad Modification

    Wow, that is looking really good. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  3. I've been playing Em4 for years without issue, but recently I took the files from my old Windows 7 computer and transferred them to my newer Windows 10 computer (I didn't re-install, I just copy-pasted the files). And every time since that I've tried playing the game, and every mod I try crashes while loading the freeplay. It gets about halfway then it crashes. The game loads fine, the mod loads fine, but not the freeplay. I've scoured the forum, tried updating my drivers, editing the config file, changing my resolution in-game, etc. I also tried running in administrator mode, but that went to a black screen and then immediately back to the desktop. I've tried running in compatibility mode, I don't think I have any codec packs installed (but I installed and uninstalled the K-Lite codec pack just to be sure), I don't know what the issue could be. I've seen a few other people on here having problems with the game on Windows 10 as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz RAM: 8GB 64bit Operating System Intel HD Graphics logfile.txt DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt logfile.txt
  4. RT @stuartpstevens: So when your daughter comes home from school crying because boys called her names the president routinely uses to denig…

  5. RT @ChrisMurphyCT: I don’t know what this means. What I do know is that Republicans are panicking bc voters found out they are pushing a…

  6. RT @TheDweck: Somebody 2020 https://Not permittedujG6fT0Fow

  7. RT @JuddApatow: I am donating right now to help DACA recipients with their renewal fees! Help if you can. https://Not permitted5Ug84g4e6f

  8. RT @Mattophobia: New pillow. https://Not permittedECeKZ20yEN

  9. RT @JesseGuttenberg: How are politicians so insensitive? https://Not permittedjtQqBZV9WM

  10. RT @JuddLegum: "[Putin] said he didn't meddle. He said he didn't meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times... And I believe…

  11. RT @kumailn: You know how you can tell you’re racist? You have to say “I’m not racist!” a lot.

  12. RT @AP: BREAKING: Pentagon says it will allow transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite Trump's opposition.

  13. RT @Mattophobia: Cat. https://Not permittedDFis9aCStK

  14. RT @Jalopnik: Dumb 21-year-old steals ambulance from hospital, critically fails to flip all of the switches https://Not permittedWkqyJrcjbx https:/…

  15. RT @Skylar152: @DanNerdCubed Here's a super pupper to fix Twitter. https://Not permittedPgVGHInaEy