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  1. RT @kumailn: You know how you can tell you’re racist? You have to say “I’m not racist!” a lot.

  2. RT @AP: BREAKING: Pentagon says it will allow transgender people to enlist in the military beginning Jan. 1, despite Trump's opposition.

  3. RT @Mattophobia: Cat. https://Not permittedDFis9aCStK

  4. RT @Jalopnik: Dumb 21-year-old steals ambulance from hospital, critically fails to flip all of the switches https://Not permittedWkqyJrcjbx https:/…

  5. RT @Skylar152: @DanNerdCubed Here's a super pupper to fix Twitter. https://Not permittedPgVGHInaEy

  6. RT @Totalbiscuit: I've never seen @cinemasins as anything more than amusing nitpicking, which is pretty harmless. Not sure why a director w…

  7. RT @DustinGiebel: Savage https://Not permittedaix7NTeggt

  8. RT @Totalbiscuit: There will NOT be a Cooptional Podcast tomorrow, since we just did one 2 days ago. HOWEVER, there will be some sort of li…

  9. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://Not permittedpluQAhAV3m Nerd³ Plays... My Summer Car - Finnish Line

  10. RT @CNNPolitics: Populist Trump supporters abandon him at home and abroad after the Syria strike https://Not permitted40OoNq91xe https://Not permittedWGq0t…

  11. RT @MsTexas1967: It is becoming increasingly obvious that David Bowie has established a better alternate universe and is populating it sele…

  12. RT @IAFF801: The new Danbury FD Training Facility is now open. https://Not permittedYqvORL6uCr

  13. RT @itsDanBull: I will now go to drink alcohol on the roof of a 5 star hotel you fucking peasants.Only kidding I love you all and don't rea…

  14. https://Not permittedvVRfgQf8Q0

  15. RT @HomerJSimpson: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This Sunday night I will be live! Correction: I will be "alive". Now that's big news. #HomerLive