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  1. Well, I'm always ready for being beta tester!
  2. Am I the only one who can't add firefighters or Hazmat officers to the Hazmat, RAC, CPC vehicles?
  3. Bombegruppa i Oslo http://www.dagbladet...eraen/23468820/
  4. Well, christmas eve is not before tomorrow! Wait and see.
  5. According to the newspapers they want to start using blue lights as soon as possible. Earliest january 2013.
  6. The norwegian custom service' look is black and yellow. Earlier it was white and blue. Help for skinning the customs: http://www.toll.no/upload/retnl_instruks_rutinebeskr/profilhandbok_small.pdf
  7. Anyone know how to complete "personsuchen"-mission. Missing person, I think.
  8. Hmm, got som big problems with playing it in 911FR. I have installed the mod and the patch, but it still won't work. Any helping ideas for me? EDIT: Found a solution Awesome mod.
  9. Haha, okey. I will do it, probably tomorrow or something.
  10. Do we have those Avinor firetrucks in the mod? Long time since i've been playing..
  11. Hey. I'm back again after a long break from here. Ready to work for the mod again
  12. Exactly. I the interesting is to find out which the "frequency" and which brand the sirens are made from.
  13. Wail/Yelp is just a mode to how you want to "play" the sirens. There is many different sirens. So that answer didn't gave any sense.
  14. But, we should have a fire chief car. I think that the silver/gray one can be like reserve or something
  15. I think the creator had some problems with the models. Like he didn't have permission to use them or something. Maybe he should answer
  16. Hmm, with the RVR-truck (nr 6), we could use it as a equipment truck, it also need to have light - Belysningsmateriell, Chainsaw, etc.. Nr 7 could be like, fire chief or something.. Nr 8, I think i've seen it as SCBA/SCUBA and personell carrier.
  17. I don't think we have any of those, Alex. Just older ones Got any units into game now?
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