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  1. How to only police

    If steam version go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\911 First Responders\Mods\Los Angeles Mod v2.1\Specs where ever you have the game installed, in there look for these files fp_params_challenge fp_params_endless and you can set the calls 0 = off and 1=on also TO edit files use notepad or notepad++ just right click the files you want to edit and click edit you can change this to if you want: <MinDurationBetweenEvents value = "350" /> SET THIS HIGHER if you want calls to come in slower <MaxIdleDuration value = "100.0" /> SET THIS HIGHER to <Seed value="0"/> <BuyFactor value="10.0"/> <SellFactor value="0.5"/> <GlobalEventFrequencyFactor value="1.0"/> <TimeSpeedFactor value="0.0"/> <StartBudget value="1500000"/> <MaxBudget value="500000"/> <Earnings value="5000000"/> <SquadPriceGrowth value="30.0"/> <MaxParkingSpace value="150" /> <InitialEventFrequencyBoost value="100000.0"/> <InitialEventWaitDuration value="400.0"/> <starttime value="13:00"/> THIS is the time of the day Hope this helps
  2. question

    Thank you
  3. question

    Would you know how to turn the pipeline calls off?
  4. question

    Anyway to turnoff calls? say this one like this //<material name="Explosion" combustion="800.00" maxtemp="100000.00" burntime="0.50" chargetime="0.00" cooling="0.00" heatres="0.00" force="1000.00" forceradius="1000.00" explode="1" /> would i put slash in front of it?
  5. question

    Thank you : D what about car wrecks like how would i have it do less cars in a crash?
  6. question

    I am new to this game id like to take it slow, how can i make it so fires dont spread so fast is there a way to do that. Not sure if i go higher or lower in numbers with combustion and burntime like say this one <material name="Barrel2_M01" combustion="2500.00" maxtemp="100.00" burntime="300.00" chargetime="40.00" cooling="0.00" heatres="0.00" force="1.00" forceradius="1.00" explode="0" /> what one do i change so fires do not spread so fast? i am trying really hard but seem to be stuck