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  1. Thanks! You think so? Cause im not really sure about the reflections. E: ps. Finnish peeps, i wanna hear your opinion if you prefer older or newer unit ids.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYMtaAZsw8M&feature=share&list=UUd_jm-DZ478UMy_Pypn-70A Another light vid
  3. Hello! I've been really busy, and i apologize that, i still occasionally try to update something. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSuVCQQkqUc&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jmRQ46ywD8&feature=youtu.be It's nothing quite big but decided to share it anyways. Expect more soon.
  4. Nah its not dead, I'm just busy with my life and school. And I think life and school are priority one. Sorry for now.
  5. thx You mean the first pic? haha i accidentally left the persons list on
  6. Some update on ambulance and new ambulance E193! PS. Still in progress
  7. any update on the chicago mod?

  8. Hello, sorry for double post, i have some updates, in ambulances! i finally finished the Espoo 590 E590 ambulance, here it is: The red ambulance (H191) original model is by NNICO and i have littlebit edited it and made the skin. But the yellow one is fully by me (: And new equipment By me too! This means that, the release date is soon! And o yeah i almost forgot, real pictures: Both pictures are by my friend rony ! Ambulance Integraded Lights! Please Comment and Rate
  9. Still 2 more % to go! (: Cant wait to play first real swedish mod
  10. Woah thats one detailed model! Yeah, you can attach files, Click on "Use Full Editor" Then scroll few scrolls down and you see attach files, then just select the image from your PC, Remember: The file must not be .PNG, it didnt work on me. (-:, if you use imageshack, when you upload the pic, the other screen appears with all kind of links on it, search for thumbnail, and copy and paste it. I Hope you somehow understanded : D
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