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  1. I need some help!

    oh ok, im still working out some stuff on it right now, but I'll send you the map. It's the LA Map
  2. I need some help!

    Oh, thanks man! Tell me!
  3. I need some help!

    I am one step away from completing the development process for my mod. What I need help with is the scripting. Does anybody know how to script a vehicle to show up in the station in freeplay after you have attached the model file to the prototype in the editor. Also, I need to know how to make parking spaces. I want to place ambulances outside the hospital. For a reference I am using things like the map from the LA Mod to create my mod. I really would appreciate any help yall could give me. If you would like more information about my mod or would like to help make it better please feel free to ask! Thanks! PS: After I finish my mod I will be creating a number of submod for fire and police departments in the area around Greenville.
  4. Greenville Mod

    Hey Guys, I need some help. Im in the process of creating a mod for my hometown of Greenville, SC. I know how to create the mod and get it to work. The problem is the base textures im using look so much different from the ones im trying to create and it's just to difficult. Does anybody know of any good and easy to use photo editors that I can use, also are there any good textures to work off of. I really only need vehicle textures. If you would like to help me create this mod please feel free to message me! Here are a few pictures of the vehicles i'm trying to create Greenville County EMS Greenville City Fire Department Greenville City Police Department Greenville County Sheriff's Office Also, I need help with one other thing also. With my mod I want to place ambulances parked outside the hospital. Can someone tell and show me how to make parking spaces at the hospital so that I can have ambulances appear there when the freeplay starts and have return to those parking spots after they deliver patients to the hospital. I am wanting to use ambulance03.