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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to know what is a "dummy" in the scripts? I know that's used in freeplay mode for the limited water script but would it be possible to use it in campaign mode? And a final question: Do you know if campaign mode gives more opportunities to do a realistic mod than in freeplay mode like had a pump management or limited equipment? Thanks a lot!
  2. Well i've spent 3 hours doing another model, trying to do something more simple and i got to this PS.: i don't like so much the compartment storage door (idk the precise name of it) so it would be great to have some advices also and the fire hose reel is a bit weird also
  3. Omg.... I have no words lol it resembles it so much... you should give me some blender courses itchboy
  4. Thank you for the advice itchboy! Your advices have been very helpful and very motivating to learn more about 3d modelling. I've tried doing something new again with all of your advices. I tried to divide the truck to make the model realistic enough but something is weird near the fender, idk what the problem could be... Here some pictures: http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/1235631321_volvo2.PNG.818b186c1a88aa6e20bbdd41f97295fd.PNG http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_12/Volvo.PNG.01dd5bb14de2aa80853cc7967086bb43.PNG PS: I can't take good pics with blender... so sorry for the bad quality of those
  5. Oh ok xD yeah i will look up in internet for more photos and i will post here an other result of the 3d model
  6. Well i've seen a video of a german doing a model like this with only this views and the model was good actually... how can i find some good images or blueprints for this truck?
  7. Well you have got to tell me what hotkey is that for me to test xD By the way, i've found this blueprint and i don't know if it is good (it's the blueprient that i've used to do the 3d model you see above)
  8. I tried to do it in blender with the bolean modifier but i'm not quite happy with the result lol otherwise thank you for the advice
  9. Ok thank you for the advice, by the way do you know how i could do the rounded shapes of the fenders?
  10. I'm just starting modelling some things and i would like to know what you think and maybe get some tips
  11. Hey! I wanted to know if you know some thigs about Paint.net. If yes, can you answer me, i've got a question. How can I make good windows, is there any special methods? Thanks!
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