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Mission making tutorial



The mod is complete. Not only that, but the TUTORIAL IS COMPLETE.

So anyone who wants to begin learning mission making,
or anyone who just wants to play 3 creative missions, download now!



1. Forest road car accident
- very narrow road, little space for maneveurs
- you have to unblock the road to renew the traffic in a time limit
- fires involved, scripted events

2. Gas explosion
- Very long intro cutscene, blowing up a house, burning person, scripted firefighter actions
- People rescue from the house
- Fire fighting - bushes, trees

3. Bus accident
- beginning work now, it will be a flipped bus, maybe some angry drivers fighting, lots of dead people, handling the traffic to avoid more collisions

The tutorial is packed with the mod.
Have fun!

Critique and comments are welcome.
What do you think of the mod? Is it good? Are there any things that are inaccurate in the tutorial?

Old post:
Hi there!

Here I am again. I believe this can be pinned, so new people can find it on top.
But on topic:

I am now working on a mod that I want to be also a tutorial. In its first version, it will feature 5 missions for the original game, with tutorials on all 5 mission scripts. I mean, on every mission script, there will be a walkthrough on what does what and so on.

Currently, I have the first mission done, and I am beginning work on the second one.
This mod WILL come out and it WILL have the tutorials promised.

I have also a question for Hoppah:
Can I include the flashing lights command from LA mod? I have read that I can freely use SoSi mod if I provide the credits, so will I, but the SoSi mod does not feature the flashing lights command. I would like to include that as well, so the command options are "complete". Can I? (Of course I will provide the credits)

Now, to the tutorial part:
I want it to be a step-by-step tutorial for someone who has virtually no knowledge of programming. Of course if someone never programmed before, it will be harder for him.
I want to ask you some questions, so I can make the tutorial as you want:

1. Do I have to explain also the editor features? I think the editor itself is intuitive, but I can explain some usage if you want.
2. Do you have any programming experience? If so, what language?

That is all I can think of at the moment.

So come on, what do you think, I need your feedback :lach:

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I get a 404 error with the RoutineMod.zip link

[color="#FF0000"]Edit: never mind, the second link is what I need.[/color]
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I'm sad to see the little feedback you got to this.

This piece of outstanding "educational" work is biblical, in my opinion (not in size, but in significance).

Not only is this exactly what I was looking for, help to create my own scenarios, but your selfless commitment to give others the knowledge to take the most out of EM4 cannot go unnoticed! :danke:

Ok, I'm in. My objective is to recreate the Oil Platform mission, my own way; nothing special, just have things happen my way, try to create a bigger platform, I'll see.

As to feedback, at the moment the only thing I have to say is that it seems you forgot to mention how people can edit the scripts! There is no mention to any program. However, since I have Excel and there is a button relative to "VB scripts" or something like that, I tried it and it opens the script files (I hear you say: duuh...? ). Is this program enough to edit the scripts?

Many Thanks again!
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Hello Oliwerko!

Thank you so much for your tutorial! I have made 3 missions and I am going to make more! But I would like to know some other tips because wiki is not available now. Do you have Skype? I found 2 contacts on Oliwerko on Skype, both are from Slovakia (I am from the Czech Republic). My Skype name is "vojtarambo", so you can add me if you want.


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