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Adding vehicles causes crash to desktop

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I'm trying to do testing of my mod in-game, but for some reason my vehicle prototypes that I have defined in my freeplaybase.xml files and other files needed to make them work in-game aren't being recognized for some odd reason, idk why that would be. Does anyone know if they can help me out with this?

Here are the steps I have tried to do so far to fix this:
1. Checked and fixed anything that was missing in the metastrings.xml

2. Went through the freeplaybase.xml file and corrected any mistakes that are there or put anything that was missing

3. Checked through the infotext.xml to see if there is anything I'm missing or forgot to point to

4. checked through the portraits.xml in bot the Specs and Lang/en folders for any inconsistencies

5. verified each unit prototype in the Units/Vehicles/<insert Ambulance, fire department, police and tec folder here>/<insert unit folder here>/ unit.xml for each unit

despite these 5 steps, I still get a back to desktop crash, does anyone know if there's anything I'm doing wrong or can fix to help the mod to load fully and not crash when doing game testing?

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