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Fretonia Mod [WIP]

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Lore: Fretonia is a Kalingraki region which regained independence. Because this area was mainly a military area, the state had to assemble basic rescue units quickly (hence the explanation why various types of vehicles are used).
Mod version planed: 0.5 (vehicles and staff), 1.0 (own map), 1.5 (own missions), 2.0 (own mechanics).
The name of the mod group: REGA (Determined).

For now I have made 6 vehicles (models and prototypes). They are all made of aset from this page.



Brush Patrol: GMC Brush Truck by Fire Dept. Boston; Edited?: yes, simple logo


Engine Fire Truck: Pierce Velocity Engine by Fire Dept. Boston; Edited?: yes, simple logo


FAT (Fretońscy Anty Terroryści - Fretonia's Counter Terrorist) VAN: Lenco Bearcat G2 by itchboy; Edited?: no


HTC (Hostage Team Car (scout and negotiator)): 1988 Dodge Diplomat by itchboy; Edited?: not yet


Ambulance Civil: 2017 Ford Transit 350 by itchboy; Edited?: yes, simple logo


Tech Ranger: 2001 Ford Ranger by Yankee43; Edited?: yes, own livery; This car has a tendency to lose wheels.




I'm looking for people who will help me create modifications. I am very strict so below you have a list of requirements and people I need. Everyone who participates will be registered on the forum and in credits. DM to me of course.  😉

Graphic designer: 1/2 I take care of it but I will accept someone.

Scripter: 0/1  I don't understand scripts, I can use help

Model Maker: 0/1 (opcional) We will use side aset and basic vehicles. If you have models, show them and maybe we'll accept them.

Audio Guy (Staff and cars): One from every country (Poland, English, Germany ,France)

I will be grateful to everyone who will help me in creating mod.

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