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Hi, I'm a photographer from New York, I have not graduated high school but am very experienced behind the camera. I do not live in the city but I travel there lately over 4 times a year and have gotten many photos there. My grandpa is a retired FDNY fire Marshall and was at one point the pilot of the John J. Harvey and many other fire boats and my other grandpa is a retired NYPD detective, he worked on the Son of Sam case in the 70's and was on the news at one point. I have been into the emergency series since I started playing Emergency 3 back in 4th grade (late 2012) and I remember my dad thought the game would be educational for me and it looked cool. (he let me play it before I got to play minecraft). I kinda developed an obsession for this game and eventually the mods, then eventually 911 Fr. (I tried getting emergency 4 but it took forever to realize it was the same game and they didn't sell it in the United States. I made my account here about 1 or 2 years ago but never used it because I wasn't really aloud. I also fell away from here for a bit and a lot happened by me but I checked it out because I was curious what happened since and it seems all pretty neat! Here are some of my photos



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