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Still searching for extra hands in the EM5 modding of "The Netherlands Mod"!!

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Hi guys,

For those of you who play EM5 and showed themselves having modding experience making their own EM5-mods at home, and think they can- and want to do better on a more larger scale, I would like to ask you to consider joining and participating the further development of The Netherlands Mod (TNM); AKA "The Dutch Mod".

We now only have Ben12  working on the Mod, but he told me he surely could use some extra hands. A few months ago, I launched another "cry for help" witch resulted in a reaction of only two persons, telling they were experienced in modding EM-5. One of them has offered his help, but only after finishing his own personal project first (so, I don't know how much time this will take), and the other one I lost contact with after I sent him a PM - that is, according to the mailbox of our forum, he neither read this mail nor responded to it. So I do hope, referring to his most enthusiastic response at first, he is still all right; but I must admit: if not worried, I am confused.  

If you ARE interested, please read my earlier post about TNM:


Just today, the newest patch for modding EM-5/2016/2017 games (patch number: 4.01) was released on the Emergency Game site https://www.world-of-emergency.com/. The specifics about the patch can be seen here: https://www.world-of-emergency.com/news/2017-10-20/65-patch_4_0_1_out_on_pc and the download can take place from either the website http://world-of-emergency.com/patch or through the Steam website http://store.steampowered.com/app/524110/Emergency_2017/.

I am NOT a modder myself, but if YOU are one, love to play the EM-5/2016/2017 games, maybe even being triggered again by this patch update, convinced of your knowledge and experience in EM-5/2016/2017 modding at home, willing to grow into something bigger or maybe even considering some time to participate in the further development of an already existing mod , than please get in touch with me through the forum or, if so wished, you can also do so through PM.

Although I am, you don't need to be Dutch.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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