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Somebody, please pick up the development of the Dutch Mod again...

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Hi guys,

Just so you know: at this very moment there are 35 existing small mods and 31 existing big mods to be played with Emergency 4. As I understand, most of these EM4 mods are still being worked on to make them more realistic and more professional. 

When Emergency 5 was created, it showed there was a whole different story behind the modding of the game. It appeared that it was so much more difficult than modding Emergency 4, that most of the EM4 modders decided to stay in their safe zone and to not step onto the slippery path of modding Em5. Few probably tried sincerely, but unfortunately less succeeded. One of the greatest successors, if not the best, is “Killerconsti”. He is still continuously surprising us with his great EM5 mods to make them work with the original German EM5 gameplay. Also, “Killerconsti’s” mods are always made capable to follow up the latest patches (now: v3.0.2) created by the Sixteen Tons game developer.

Maybe some- or even most of you are familiar with playing the EM5 Dutch Mod, which was created originally by “FrozenOne-94”. The Dutch Mod was a real success and it was the second EM5 Mod to be played. Maybe you’ve all read it on the forum already, but “FrozenOne-94” and I were in close contact, helping each other, to make the Dutch Mod as realistic as possible. Although I am not a modder myself, I was able to give “FrozenOne-94” tips, ideas and suggestions to improve the game to what it finally became at its latest version: 2.0. As I was a former Dutch ambulance driver I was familiar with the way the Dutch Emergency Services work. It surely was helpful in the development of the mod.

For personal reasons “FrozenOne-94” had to stop modding and all our Dutch Mod players were very much disappointed not to be able to play the mod anymore, since the Sixteen Tons game developer introduced its 2.0.2 patch for the EM5 game. Then, “Killerconsti” created a small fix for the Dutch Mod, just to humor us, but playing “Free Plays” wasn't possible anymore. Then “Benthegamer” (a.k.a. “Ben12”) stepped in, willing to pick up the Dutch Mod and to continue where “FrozenOne-94” had left of. Of course I offered him my help as well and we did work together for some time.

Just recently “Ben12” announced to stop working on the Dutch Mod. He stated that the modding is difficult because of the new patches that are constantly being developed and that he's "always feeling overshadowed". After my “cry for help” towards “Killerconsti”, he was fortunately willing to come to our rescue again. This time, he made the fix to have it working with the latest game patch, v3.0.2, and there for, the Dutch mod was even to be played again (including its “Free Plays”); even with EM2017.

The original Dutch 2.0 mod that “FrozenOne-94” created is to be downloaded here: http://www.emergency-planet.com/files/file/627-nl-modification-v20/

The fix that “Killerconsti” created is to be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l7e5a2zbf2pwov/NL2.0_modification_fixer.rar?dl=0

If any of you would think himself as being capable and willing enough to pick up the Dutch Mod and start working on it again, please let us know and, if so wished, I'll get in touch with you to offer you my help. Next to the wonderful mod creations “Killerconsti” is making for the original Emergency 5 gameplay, there is only our own Dutch Mod. And that would make this a grand total of just 2 big mods to be played with Emergency 5.

And what if the Dutch mod would go to waste and/or not to be developed any further?

If you think you can do the job, please respond!



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Hey Leandro,

Great to see you're "back in town"! =D

I've read your message earlier today but the content of your message didn't get through to me at once... Now it did, and I've visited your thread - it looks just great and also very familiar, 

I now WILL send you a PM, because I have a thousand questions and I'm sure we can help eachother out in the future with The Netherlands Mod. Our follow-up communication will ofcourse be within your thread.



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