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Lucian Andrei

New Mod Idea

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Hello! I've been looking everywhere but I coudn't find a Romanian mod. 


I can't create a mod because I don't have the knowledge and the resources to do it. Maybe someone else will can.

In Romania we have plenty of emergency vehicles, some very good looking ones. I will put some links of some photos with our emergency vehicles. 

The most used sirens are the Federal Signal Vama AS-422 and Whelen HHS2200. (ambulances and police). For firetrucks we have a lot of sirens, most of them used in Poland, Czech Republic and Copenhaga. 










We have 2 ambulance services, 2 types of police and one fire system. 

If someone will start this idea and needs more informations, feel free to contact me here. 


Hope that someone will be able to create it!

Thank you! 

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That's great research you did man.

Unfortunately the forums here is not really a place to request mods. I highly recommend you check out the tutorials page and see the easy to read tips on making a mod. Don't start out too big first, but just try. I have a regular old labtop and a 60 dollar peice of software. Everything else is free to use. Just like alot of us started, you can start too. Work small and you will pick it up quick.

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Welcome to the forums.

I suggest you read this topic: http://forum.emergency-planet.com/topic/20295-youre-starting-a-mod-read-this-first/

People aren't going to make a mod for you. Your best place to start for modding would be reskins, have a look around the forums for tutorials on how to reskin vehicles etc. These will help you out.

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