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Editing in Zmodeler

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i wanted to start creating some new models and i figured editing existing ones was a good start.... that was not the case however... my problem is this: say that i have a fire truck where i want to cut away the "tool" part on the back and only save the cabine... how in heavens name do i do this in zmodeler i import the model that far i got it ...but it's al one big model i only end up deleting the entire truck instead of cutting away the back part... any ideas what i'm doing wrong?

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Not entirely sure what you mean, but I think I the gist of it:

1) Load the model. In the toolbox, click on Select>>Single, then right click on the truck to select it.

2) Now click on Polygon mode in the toolbar at the top left, and click on the truck - it should change so each polygon is selectable.

3) Now select each individual polygon you want to delete using select>>single (hold down ctrl to select multiple ones), and then delete them.

4) Et voila, export it as a V3o and you're done! :)

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