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Wegberg 'Emergency Calls' English Translation


Hi all, I have been working on an English translation page for wegberg's emergency calls. It is my favourite mod and I spend an awful lot of time playing it so I have started to translate it slowly bit by bit, I have a large number of calls im currently still figuring out the best format to present them i.e excel or word page.

**First Translations Being Uploaded/ Updated On The 05/08/2019**


Please find attached a short list of fire calls and one for oil spills, as I have stated this sheet is a work in progress and eventually I may even be able to edit them in the mod itself but for now please just bare with me this sheet will be updated everyday this week but the layout of the sheet will change as and when I have time to so its more presentable. If you guys have any suggestions or translations of your own and would like to contribute please either comment them below or PM me and we'll soon have it done a lot quicker. I am currently doing this between my job and social life but I will aim to have most of it completed before the end of this month.

Also guys please be aware as I have tried to state in the document, some calls can be a trick from my experience playing the mod especially false alarms. I have had one call that said it was an oil spill and actually turned out to be a fire, wether this was a accidently typed incident I don't know but it happened. Also be on the look the out for the word 'Unklare' which translates to 'Unclear' these incidents can be quite the surprise.


**Second Translations Being Uploaded/ Updated On The 06/08/2019**

Uploaded a several more different calls ect and update the file, its now a PDF. I will also be doing some English tutorials for this mod on the equipment and commands ect, let me know your thoughts.

**Third Translations And Call Out Tutorial Being Uploaded/ Updated On The 07/08/2019**

Hi all, I have completed a very brief simple Command to Control guide to help you with your gameplay, it helps to learn it as it does make your gameplay a lot easier, I have attached it below. I have not had chance to update more calls but will get back to that tomorrow. 

In the mean time I will be uploading some video tutorials on the commands stated in the guide for Command to Control, there's more to it than you may think, it will definitely benefit those who are new to the mod or are still struggling to work it out.



If anyone has any thoughts or comments on how it should be presented or items missed please feel free to comment I'm very open to suggestions, thankyou.


Wegberg Translation Note.pdf

Wegberg Translation Note.pdf

Wegberg Brief Command Guide To Control.pdf

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I'm trying to wrap my head around Wegberg currently, and i can download your brief command guide just fine, but for whatever reason i can't download the "wegberg Translation Note PDF" All it does is reload the page. Have you removed the download or is my browser just being weird? 

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