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cant join multiplayer games

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so we are trying to set up a multiplayer game, and we found a tut that says to use hamachi, but when we do it, it says server not found, if anyone has an alternative method, or an idea for a solution, it would be appreciated, update: so now we got it to say Checksum error: server and client are using different files, but we are all using the same west falls township mod. if anyone knows a solution to this, it would be nice to get this working. thanks

Download Hamachi by LogMeIn
Step 1 Download Hamachi by LogMeIn Step 2 If you want to Host, Click Create a Network (The Host should be the player with the best computer specs and a stable internet connection) Step 3 Tell your Colleague(s) (that's not hosting) your Network ID and Password that you created Step 4 Copy down the host's IP Address. It should look something such as (May vary slightly) Step 5 Boot up the game and load your mod as usual Step 6 Click "Multiplayer" and the host of the game should click "Host a Game" Step 7 Configure your game options then wait for the lobby to load Step 8 When you're in the lobby, if your colleague(s) has/have not copied your IP then message them it and tell them that you're ready for them to connect


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