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      Hi everyone. It appears that the update to the new forum has affected the format of the majority of signatures (adding extra spaces, changing sizes etc.). Due to this, could everyone please check their own signature, ensuring that it complies with the site rules. See the http://www.emergency-planet.com/tos.html/ or http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/16848-acceptable-signature-sizes/ for more information.  We'll give it a few weeks to give enough time to edit signatures, after that the unnecessarily large signatures will simply be removed. Thanks for your cooperation. Regards, EMP Staff.

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Hi, I'm a photographer from New York, I have not graduated high school but am very experienced behind the camera. I do not live in the city but I travel there lately over 4 times a year and have gotten many photos there. My grandpa is a retired FDNY fire Marshall and was at one point the pilot of the John J. Harvey and many other fire boats and my other grandpa is a retired NYPD detective, he worked on the Son of Sam case in the 70's and was on the news at one point. I have been into the emergency series since I started playing Emergency 3 back in 4th grade (late 2012) and I remember my dad thought the game would be educational for me and it looked cool. (he let me play it before I got to play minecraft). I kinda developed an obsession for this game and eventually the mods, then eventually 911 Fr. (I tried getting emergency 4 but it took forever to realize it was the same game and they didn't sell it in the United States. I made my account here about 1 or 2 years ago but never used it because I wasn't really aloud. I also fell away from here for a bit and a lot happened by me but I checked it out because I was curious what happened since and it seems all pretty neat! Here are some of my photos



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