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Free Camera Plugin

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This plugin allows you to pitch the camera and adjust the height of the camera in a way the vanilla game dont allow. This makes it even better to create screenshots. Finally it is compatible to all available mods


This is the simple Readme which explains the controls






Hold Shift and Rotate the scroll wheel to move the camera up and down in a way the zoom wouldnt normally allow.

Hold Shift and the Scrollwheel. Finally Move the mouse up and down to change the pitch of the camera


Double press backslash within 1.5 Seconds to Reset the "Camera-Position-Offset" [zoom] and the "Camera-Rotation-Offset" [pitch]

Planned updates:

On keypress the camera should render more buildings. This would allow to make screenshots from a high distance.



The performence of the game with this mod enabled is smaller. This is because the Skybox is enabled and sometimes your camera renders more objects then usual.




Have Fun

PS:And a huge thanks to den-fellow from 16t who explained me how to enable the Skybox








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