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Implementing new commands

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Hey all,

I am busy with developing a modification for Emergency 5, but I am experiencing a few issues. I have been coding some new commands for units, but I have no idea how to implement them in the game.

So my question is, does anyone of you know, how to move (modified/new) commands (from the SDK) into a modification/project?

Thanks in advance.


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Well basicly 3 steps:


a) declare all commands that you want to export in your  plugin.cpp file.

            QSF_START_CAMP_CLASS_EXPORT(user::CheerCommand, "CheerCommand", "Cheer command")

b) Tell the game which plugins need to be loaded

this is done in the project.json as example here is the one from the minimod. The thing that needs to be added is the "Plugin(s)"-Section

    "Format": {
        "Type": "Project",
        "Version": "1"
    "Properties": {
        "Name": "killerconstis_mini_mod",
        "Locked": "false",
        "Version": "3.2",
        "Author": "Consti",
        "Description": "The only real mod right now"
    "AssetPackages": [
    "Plugins": {
        "minimod_plugin": "em5_game em5_editor",
        "misc_crew_minimod_edition": "em5_game em5_editor"

your *.dll file must be at your_mod_direction/x64/ . The easiest way is to declare this as your target direction in VS2015

c) use your commands ingame

select the em5::CommandableComponent and add your Command into the array. For the example above it would be

[user::CheerCommand] (in the editor)

or "user::CheerCommand", if you directly edit the *.json file

For testing it is usefull to set the playerId in the CommandableComponent to "0", this makes the unit belonging to player 1.


If you still have problems, I recommend to have a look into the *.log files or the SamplePlugin+Samplemod with the CheerCommand/CheerAction/Observer/Event


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Hi Killerconsti,

Thank you for your extensive answer. Right now I don't have the ability to test it out, but I do think I understand now. I will try it out as soon as possible.


Thanks once again!






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