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William Stapleford

Where are the command scripts at?

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listed in several of the prefabs are commands to get equipment


Command array.  


The problems is that if I wanted to add new usable equipment to this mix I have no clue how to get it to work,  I would assume that a get equipment command or use equipment command would then trigger a script but for some reason when I look for them i can not find anything that controls the object.


Has anyone been able to write new scripts or even modify an existing script is this game?


Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.  I have made a few now objects and I can substitute them into the game but ONLY if I make them the same name as the original prefab.  I can not get a new object to work in inventory because the game has no idea what to do with it.


For example I have added a traffic cone to the inventory of a vehicle, but even if i tell the officer and add a command into the command array the get trafficcone.  Nothing happens and they have no idea how to place it or how to retrieve it.  I know it was done in the Em4 mods so I have tried to take the Em4 mod and reverse engineer it but so far now luck.




Delaware, USA

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Hey William,


I have had some time to learn about Commands. They are done in C++ (->.dll file). I have a simular case and will try to get it useable in game and publish aswell the source code, so that other modders could benefit aswell.

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What are you using to open the .dll folders and edit the information.  I remember a little bit a VB and C++ from the good old college days.  I have a hex editor on my computer but if it requires much else in the line of programs I'm out of luck.  Thanks 




Delaware, USA

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No, you cant open the .dll's and a hex editor isnt the way to go .


You have to use the modding SDK  (with a small amount of coding examples)


Togehter with the Documentation


And a coding Envirement (Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition in my case) [Picture 1]

However to et envirement running is still a mystery for me (had one semester a c/c++ course). At least i was able to open the "sample plugin Project files". What I can Remember:

A) Place the SDK Folder in your Emergency 2016 Folder [Picture3 ]

B) Opeb the Project

C)"Right Click" your current plugin and select properties->VC++ Verzeichnisse [engl. directories/register]

Select as Libaries the folders with the .lib files

Select as Includedirectory and pluginapi/em5 [Picture 2]

Where to get started (source code)?

+Orginal Snippets within the SDK




MinimodCode.rar (its a bit outdatet)

What should you start with?

Commands, they are still the easiest way to start. My first Command was the Redirect Traffic Command

What is the difficulty?

I dont know how much C++ exercise you have. But most of code (pluginapi) is just provided as header (.h) files. These are indeed needed to write the .cpp files but it can be very tricky.

What other Tools should I use

- Notepad++: Usefull to search through files (like orginal snippets, pluginapi and coding examples)

- bookmark the Dokumentation in the browser and use the search function of it


I hope this helps. As i had no guideance and it took me ages to get even the plugin_sample compiled









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