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William Stapleford

Problems with equipment being added to the TLF tanker truck

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Questions about the default water cannon truck model "tlf" and equipment

I have been messing around with this truck and found it very strange that I can not add equipment to this vehicle. I even went back and used the default model with no changes and was not able to add equipment that functioned at all. 

I can add the EM5 inventory and then an array to the .json file or even in the emergency 5 world builder, but when I go into the game and attempt to get the firemen to use the equipment. They will go to the vehicle turn and face it and then they are stuck that way for good. It seems like this is an issue with the truck.

I tried to make the doors open as well like they do on the "RW" model but they dont do anything at all. Even if i set every door as a test to be a driver door, none will open. If I don't have the equipment in the "TIF" model then when you tell the fireman to get the items a window appears and tells you that the "RW" is not close enough or can't be found. They DONT lock up though.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or knows a work around. I would like to add simple equipment to the TIF model and also get the rear doors to operated correctly when the equipment is selected just like the default "RW" heavy rescue vehicle.




Delaware, USA


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