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Getting Started with Editor (took me like 15 mins of trying every option!)

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Placing Static objects

So to start placing statics, and editing them, this editor seems a little more complicated at first, but once you get used to it, it is more practical, and similar other game editors.

Go to top bar, and select View,

Then tick,
- Object Browser (F4)

- Object Properties (F5)

- Prefab Browser


To change between object browser and properties, there is tab in right window right at the bottom.
Prefab browser, for selecting items, uses the left side of screen.

Creating street systems

Okay just figured out how to lay down a section of street, at beginning and end of a long street, lay down two pieces from prefab menu, mentioned above., so they are seperated. E.g. em4/prefab/street/street_03c


Then select them and select the position button along top major tool bar (picture of arrows joint at back end, pointing X,Y,Z directions), then raise them, as they spawn slightly under the grass.


Then on top bar menu select,

- Tools

   - Street Network (F10)


Then this menu will appear on the left side of sceen, again you change change between this and the prefab menu, using a tab at bottom of left side menu.


When in the street network menu on the left, double click the prefab/select type path at the top and change to em4/prefab/street/street_03c to match the pieces we layed down.


Then click on street button below that.


Then select end of one prefab street we layed, and then followed by end of other prefab piece we layed, to connect the streets together.





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Anyone else figured some stuff out whilst I've been away for weekend? I'm trying to see if you can create fences similar streets, I thought I saw them doing that in a pre-release video???

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Sorry not sure on the lighting. I found a bit in the properties of a vehicle about the lighting, but didnt really help me understand how to modify it.

Heres some file locations...


Looks like the Mod folder tucked in strange location

c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Promotion Software GmbH\EMERGENCY 5\mods\

Also tucked in near by folder
c:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Promotion Software GmbH\EMERGENCY 5 Offline Editor\
is file called


In is this bit

[ConnectDialog]Hostname=offlinePort=4242History=offline, offline, localhost:4042So it appear the online editor part not set up currently. Which I think some already suspected.



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