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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to make Police models in Emergency 4 similiar to Emergency 3. Example: I need the Police Female in Em4 with the hat like EM3. (the model in em4 does have a hat, but the hat is only included to the model of the Police female with jacket not normal uniform. I know that there is something to be done in zmodeler but I just dont know how. Help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks Darren
  2. Hi All, as of right now, myself and zach1019 are working on a new submod based on New Orleans and the surrounding parishes. If you have any interests in helping with the mod please message me, comment, or visit our mods website at http://nolamod.enjin.com/home Thanks Hi Guys, I have made a supporter banner for the New Orleans Submod. Feel free to copy it and use it as your signature...it would really help us spread the word about the mod. Here's the link to copy it from image shack: http://imageshack.us...dbannersupp.png Also, just to give credit Zach1019 did the team banner. Progress: Police Units: 95% Finshed EMS Units: 35% Finished Fire Dept. Units: 5% Finished Technical Units: 99% Finished Government/Military: 99% Finished Map (Edit of LA Mod map): 90% Finished Overall: 71% Completed
  3. Website: http://www.madm0dd3r.ucoz.com Downloads: Version 1.1 Beta http://adf.ly/9iWSs __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.1 HCB http://madm0dd3r.com...te_beta/1-1-0-2 Version 1.1 HCB Lights Hotfix http://www.madm0dd3r..._hotfix/1-1-0-3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.01 http://adf.ly/1255034/ucoz-101 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.0 http://adf.ly/125503...download-link-2 http://adf.ly/125503...ad-link-4shared __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My YouTube Channel: http://adf.ly/5J0Kk Time to 1.1 Completion (STOPPED) 75% Links:http://forum.emergen...86-scpd-submod/
  4. Hello! Hello!! So, Grand Theft Auto 5 comes out in about 15/16 days, and now it's about the time to start recruiting for roleplay members! Ideally, if you play emergency 4 you have a bit of an understanding on what is expected of you and what you'll be faced with, especially if you played the LA Mod. LA Life brings a whole new way of roleplaying to roleplayers, and Grand Theft Auto's Variety & Possibilities, is allowing us to do this! You'll first start by signing upto the forums, then from there you can nose about looking at what business are open, and what public services you'd like to join, if any! Maybe you wish to own a business? Or maybe run an illegal drugs cartel? The possibilities are endless! You get paid by employers, or other criminals which enables you to purchase new licences, or businesses! Right now, Recruitment is at a peak and spaces are becoming over-subscribed. So ideally, you'll need to being expressing interests in your desired roles quickly! http://lalife-rpg.weebly.com/ http://lalife.icyboards.net/ <---- Make sure you sign up on the forum! Can't wait to see some of you guys getting involved!
  5. Sorry for the repost, I just realized I had posted my help topic in the wrong section. I was playing the Harbor City mod today, and I received a structure fire call during freeplay. There were several red air tanks that were lying around, placed by the creator of the mod (Squad 55) to add explosions to the fire. While the exploding tanks did make the call more interesting, I found that I was unable to remove them from the roadway, which in turn caused a traffic jam. Does anyone know how to remove these tanks? Thanks in advance! SOLVED, thank you for the help in the other post!
  6. Hello all, My name is Alexandre, I am an old user from this foruns (since 2009 when I created this user, but just for reading, not really posting, heheh)... I own a small game studio in my country, called Odin Game Studio, and we will release our first mobile game this month or the next one. I'm a game developer with great experience developing games and now its my time to show a game that I always dreamed. I would like to know, very much, what do you guys think about having a high quality police sim game (GTA style)? I am a very addictive player of "police-like" games, playing the first police games (PoliceQuest, anyone?), all Swat series from Sierra, Emergency series and so on... and this time, me and my team will be developing the next police sim game, using today's graphics and sandbox gameplay style. But before this, we are making a deep search about what players, that really plays this kind of games, think about it... What I can anticipate to you is (some features): - it will be a police game, you will be a police officer and act like one (but not like in that Polizei game (english version: Police Force), in my opinion, was a bad one). - you will have dinamics elements, like found in the GTA series (a city, NPCs with great IA answers, many actions, etc) - a very unique sandbox style game (I will not spoil anything now) - many things to do as police officer in a modern scenery and events. So, what do you think about it? If possible, I really would like to know if the moderators could answer this too, specially Hoppah, I played a lot his mod The mission of this post and search is to know if we can really achieve at least some thousands of players interested on this game type/style. We will make a Crowd-Funding campaign and we would like to know who is willing to support us. In advance, I can tell you we already have a tech demo in-house and we have the know-how to make this game. We are planning to get this done until the end of the year, with all community following the development. Also, please, do you guys know anywhere else that I can make this kind of search and questions? Thank you all in advance. Our website and visual identity just changed, so, I dont have too much to show you about my game studio, but we will soon. We have already a Facebook page and soon we will have Twitter. Cheers EDIT: Also, to clarify more: - I will show pictures and videos when the time comes... for now its just a search of what you guys like to play; - I am not asking for money or anything like that, I just want to know if you guys like the idea of the game; - One way to help us is to know more people that like this game type and ask the same question.... if we know that many people like this game type, we will have a better idea about how to develop...
  7. This is a topic to talk about junior/cadet/explorer firefighting, law enforcement and EMS. I saw something like this on the Firehouse.com forums and decided to start one here. Use this to ask questions, and talk about your experiences, etc.
  8. Hi, i've got into a debate (More of an argument) over on another forum and i was wondering if you could help prove me wrong, since i don't like to back down. (One of my annoying traits). Are British constabularies allowed to lay hands on suspects/citizens if they feel threatened? I've seen officers shove people many times when they were cornered/surrounded/etc, but a Spec. Constable is saying he's never acted like that and only when the suspect is wielding a knife/oe, and when life is at risk. Also, unrelated to the debate, do you think the UK police forces should equip firearms (Beat cops)? Many people think we're wimps for not carring firearms, but i've seen figures of 10 gun-related homicides to every 100,000 people in the US, and 0.25 for every 100,000 in the UK, which goes to show with strict gun laws and arm-less cops (Unless you count tasers and Expandable batons) you get less murders!
  9. I am currently working on a modification for my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. I've currently finished the basic textures and 2 law enforcement vehicles inserted(Crown Vic and an SUV), and was wondering if a fellow Nebraskan or anyone willing to help might offer some assistance with the tooltips, scripting, and so on. Anybody that could help would be appreciated. ~Lincoln Mod Head Developer
  10. Texas State Mod Hello there people. I have decided to discontinue work on the Lancaster, California Mod. I have been working on a Texas State Mod for like a month or 2 now and have decided to make a topic for it finally. I decided to pick the state of Texas because for what i know of nobody has made a Texas Mod before and i think it would be a pretty cool to make one. This mod will included the major cities of Dallas, Houston, And Fort Worth. Team Members Skinner- JamesJackson Lights- Zach1019 (Part Time), Bob100101 Scripts- JamesJackson Mapper- NEEDED If you would like to help out just pm me JamesJackson any help would be greatly apperciated.
  11. Hey All, Rlast here! I've just started work on a police equipment pack for Emergency 4, which I'm currently texturing and working to get in to the game. As you may know, a few of these models you may have seen before, the taser being one of course! It currently includes a Nightstick, Pepper Spray, Taser and M67 grenade (unrealistic addition )! PEPPER SPRAY Nightstick M67 Grenade Taser
  12. Hello, im currently coming up with ideas and designs for a mod based off of Weatherly, Pa. I have ideas for Volunteer Firefighters to drive to the station, and same with volunteer EMS. There will be 1 Fire station, 1 Ambulance station, and 1 police station. 5 fire departments are available but 1 is the ladder truck, the others are needed to be called in. i plan on having 3 ambulances (2 local, and 1 privet), and 4 local PD units with 4 state police units. I have an idea of how much I can fit into a Map, but Im not too sure how correct I am (my guess is that I can fit the entire town in one map). Im currently trying to find out if i can use Auto-Desk Inventor to make the models needed, I have no idea how long it will take me to make everything, but it will be done. i will have pictures of the Auto Desk Creations Posted very soon (considering I have time). If you have any ideas, or would like to help, feel free to say..Thanks for Reading!
  13. ========================================== Update ========================================== ========================================== News ========================================== 10 October, 2012 - New vintage unmarked police vehicle for my detective :-) 15 August, 2011 - New LAPD Detective! Now its a SHE. Do share your thoughts here or on Cyberdog's facebook page. Thank you for your support. 15 August, 2011 - Cyberdog's facebook page is up! Come and like us! The LAPD detective (male) photo album has moved to our facebook page. 30 July, 2011 - My first attempt at reskin. What do you guys think? Would appreciate it if you guys give some feedback and suggestions (but please don't say it sucks...). Thank you!
  14. hey guys i want to play la or rockport mod multiplayer with a hamichi server just pm me if you want to play
  15. Seems like when I make my SWAT officers kneel and aim, they're not holding a gun. It's like the rifle is invisible. It only happens to the SWAT police officers but NOT the sharpshooters. All of the sharpshooters work fine. What can I do to fix this?
  16. Hi I am new to modding this game and I don't know how to make a new police car I will be very thankful if someone could help.
  17. Hello EP users, I am here to tell you that I have made a NYC Emergency Services roleplay. If you want to join, go here. Link: nycemsrpg.forumotion.com I am commissioner, and we are looking for users, some vehicles in the fire department have Lts and cpts' but some don't. We also need police, and ems. So what are you waiting for? Come and have fun!
  18. Version V 1.0


    here is the pushbar/bumper with wraparound Enjoy it!
  19. Baltimore city modification set to come out this summer.. need help with mapping scripting and model textures.. if you want to help i have skype so its easy to communicate.
  20. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I want to replace some units in the LA mod with my own models.
  21. looking for some help i cant do this alone.... the more help i get the better and maybe have enough people working on this that it will be a full mod instead of a Submod!!!!!!!! it wont be hard to keep in contact i have Skype and facebook for whos willing to help out.. i need scripters, mappers, textures, moddeling!!!
  22. i'm looking at starting a new mod, based on the city of Halifax Nova Scotia. i would need 3d modellers, skinners, map editor, scripters and u.v. mappers. i have some skills in modeling, map editing, and scripting, but i would need a lot of help.
  23. Guest

    PT Mod

    I have mod made that he was youngster but left because gave error. e I have new cars to put in mod. but mod of the error does not appear nothing. e I do not know which the error. somebody can help? They visit the site of mod: http://www.wix.com/c...2fire/ptmod#%21
  24. Hello All, I thought I would use this part of the forum to pass out the word on my new GTA IV Tbogt Clan. ( Hopefully, this is legit, Sincere apologies to admins if this is forbidden) Basically, I run LCFBI, Which Stands for Liberty City Federal Bureau of Investigation. Originally, I was going to just have FBI, but became concerned that it may cause a few issues legally ( Inevitably, it would of) ANYWAY, The concept of the clan is to respond to scenarios that have been set up, and act accordingly to bring the incident to a safe conclusion. I have a lot of positions open for Agents and Special Agents, and need them filled as soon as. I also am looking for people willing to help me train to, but to get into this role, previous SWAT or Police clan experience is essential. Anyway, here is my site.. www.lcfbi.co.uk (once again, if this is an infringement on the T&Cs, my sincere apologies in advance) also, my gamertag is Sgt Alex4028. Look forward to hearing from you
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