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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Fellow St John Ambulance Members or Forum Browsers, I thought It would be nice to put up a thread about other SJA members where we can get to know them, and also where we can show off kit I look forward to reading posts, and I'll kick this off with some stuff about me/Kit About I am Sergeant Alex Penn of Southend on Sea Cadets in Essex. I am Community First Aid Trained, as well as a Cadet Trainer. In 2011 alone, I have done 145 hours service, and counting. I have been in st John Ambulance since july 2010, and I can honestly say it was the best decision in my life. I love it! I have 2 Kit bags which are used sometimes! If its a huge scale duty, they go out.. Very Expensive to keep going though :/ Kit This first is an Argus Trauma Bag Large Edition, kitted to the teeth with top notch SP Services Equipment. The Second is an SP Services BackPack large, kitted with bandages and Spillage kits from multiple companies. There is a Sharps bin in one of the pictures which I must highlight, had nothing to do with me! It wasn't on the order list, it arrived in the bag, but I gave it to a Private Company
  2. EOC is always actively recruiting members for recruitment into the clan. We recently did another huge clan revamp and had another round of good changes. We now offer only one type of membership. After successfully completing your probationary period you will be promoted to full member. If you would like to become a trained member to participate in hardcore dispatch games you may contact and FTO to begin your training program. Training is not required. At EOC we take pride in being a relaxed and casual EOC community. If you would like to just come around and be active in our forums and play an occasional game that's fine. As long as your active we are ok with that! Come on over and play! If you'd like to know more head on over to our website!!! http://www.emergencyopscommand.us
  3. Creek Side 2.1.1 Removed due to copyright issue!!! Unfortunately some can not play by the rules of permission request! Although i fully support modding and growing as a community. However this mod was made following guidelines and requesting permission from others Any releases will be pursued as copyright infringement!
  4. Hello, I am not sure if I will (Attempt) to make a mod where u can play as ski patrol and local fire department. There would (obviously) be the skiing hill with several ski patrol stations located on top or bottom or something, each with helipads for air escort. Personnel/Ski patrol could patrol the slope on little snow mobiles, each with unique capabilities for example: some could only have a medic ride in, another can transport injured, and some can bring search and rescue dogs. After a patient is recovered it could go to the main ski patrol at the bottom of the hill where a local FD ambulance is waiting to pick up the patient. However, this would leave nothing for PD to do accept for maybe direct traffic for a crash on the slick roads. If anyone has any ideas or about making this mod that would be great. ¡¡AGAIN JUST AN IDEA CURRENTLY NO DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN STARTED BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN IT WONT!!
  5. Hello everyone, Today I introduce to you the 'Dreizelland Modification. Dreizelland is a fictional province that is located in Netherlands. This mod will therefore be based on Dutch and emergency vehicles in this mod will also include the striping that they use in the Netherlands. Version 1.0: This version will contain different features in-game will be available. - New fictitious emergency services (police, fire, ambulance and TEC). - Justiciable emergency alarm using a script (If this fails then get this included in version 2.0). - Different functions The process: Police: The fire department: The ambulance: The TEC: Screenshots:Mercedes Benz Vito (Police): Credits: Download: Not available!
  6. i was surfing the net and came across this page http://www.em-newstime.de/?p=2251 you have to use a translator to read the page in english. but the promo looks sweet. your thoughts? kevin
  7. HDMods


    Can someone give me a list of all ranks? (in emergency planet)
  8. Sawdbuster

    PC Gaming

    Hey Guys, You guys know I've been talking about GTA recently, But I am also like other games, I have a xbox but I like using my computer more, but I can't run a lot of games. Games: I can play(and do/have): -GTA San Andreas -American Army 3 (summer game when not much else to do) -Counter Strike: Global Offensive (summer game when not much else to do) -Emergency 3 -Emergency 4 (uninstalled) Games my computer Can run: -GTA IV (on Xbox) -Arma 2 Games I want: -Waiting on PAX Big time Mods (and for what game) -Day-Z (can't play now, but when I get a new computer, which is put on hold for a bit) -Police Chase v3b for GTA: SA -LCPD:FR (can't play now, but when I get a new computer, which is put on hold for a bit) Favorite Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Why? Because the story line is awesome, it is about respect, not some outsider trying to strike it big. I also the love the chase mod I have installed, it is simple but entertaining. I love all of the options you have. There are a trillion side missions, a million tools that you can use and infinite amount of options. Even without the mods I have the game is fantastic. Firetruck Ambulance (F350) Car Chase (above) ELM (google for GTA SA) I have noticed some people don't like LCPD:FR my tip to them, is don't use ELS. it may look nice, but it crashes too much, doesn't enhance gameplay, and is a pain to install. WELL, There are not as many units for ELS!! What do you have to say about that? WELL, Fire & EMS, Cruiser, and Patrol, not enough? WELL, (Non ELS) What do you guys play on PC, other than emergency? (no rhyme intended) BTW: If you think I should be playing more emergency, then reply to my mod!
  9. Hola a todos!Tengo 14 años y Soy cadete de bomberos en Arroyito, Córdoba. Les quiero mostrar una serie de dibujos que hice en el MS Paint! Son dibujos basados en situaciones de emergencia en los que aparecen principalmente los servicios de bomberos. Hi Everybody! on the forums, I'm 14 years old, and I am a Junior Firefighter in my town.I want to show you these draws I've maked on MS Paint, they're about emergency situations like fires or accidents. They're just made in MS Paint, with this I mean I didn't used anything else. Hope you like them! These first two draws are based on my town's units: A fire in a general store that happened a couple of years ago. I've maked this with the help of a a firefighter that was present that day there: An accident involving a Peugeot and a blue SUV. The fire truck and the fire SUV are units of my town`s fire service. An interior attack oh a house fire: A building fire: A fire in New York with Ladder 22 and Engine 76: Hope you like them!
  10. What happens is I try to create a car in sketchup but when I imported the car in ZModeler is very small. but wanted to know how to do it bigger?. to insert the texture well. And also another thing, I want a tutorial on how to create a car in ZModeler and well detailed so that it can do for emergency 4. and is a Ford F-150 Super Crew 2011. as I want to create a mod called "Monterrey city mod". I need help!. I hope answers!. Greetings!.
  11. Hi All, Just come back to the Emergency Fold, I had #1 as a kid loved it Does anyone have any COMPLETE walkthrough guides for Emergency 2012 Emergency 4 Emergency 3
  12. recently i changed my camera values like what did this topic said http://www.losangele...html#camerahack but when i changed it my game crash before the intro "black screen for one second then get back to desktop" , so i opened the log file & founded these errors ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11.xff",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?Font load failed: base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11.xff ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11 bold.xff",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?Font load failed: base:/Fonts/Tahoma 11 bold.xff ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/Fonts/Lucida Console 11.xff",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?Font load failed: base:/Fonts/Lucida Console 11.xff ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:UI/Dialogs/video.xml",BLFM_READ): Could not open ?BLFileSystem::Open("base:/UI/Dialogs/particle.xml",BLFM_READ): Could not open so please i need your help & the right values that let me zoom more (,^^) ThAnK YoU (^^,) logfile.txt em4.cfg.txt
  13. Hey guys. I need some help here and I'm accepting just about anyone. Can someone help me reskin some people, replace some VO's, and also replace some trucks as a whole. I've created many models but I am also not able to enter any vehicles in the mod. I wanted there to be new equipment too as I've created that also. No new scripts unless your willing to do so. Please help me guys and please don't refer me to any tutorials as I've royally screwed up my game numberous times causing me to reinstall my game many times. I just need some help for something I've been wanting to do myself instead of always helping people do their mods. Thank you guys and reply here if you would like to help.
  14. ESR stands for Emergency Services Roleplay. Join today! http://esroleplay.forumotion.com/ Right now we are voting on being about Police, Fire, EMS, and Possibly all 3!
  15. Hey guys, Im experiencing trouble with Emergency 4 with graphics issues. I have reinstalled the game several times, running both the game and the installer as admin aswell as in compatibility mode. Doing so has not fixed the problem in any way but in the past the game has ran, although this was before resetting my computer to factory settings. I run on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with a Intel GMA x4500 graphics card. If more information is required please inform me. Here is a screenshot from in-game: I have also tried installing the LA Mod but it has the exact same effect. Thanks.
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