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Found 15 results

  1. cops

    [WIP] San Diego

    Hi everyone I'm currently making a fictional San Diego mod, based on real cars. This mod will include: New Emergency vehicles New persons New Scripts New equipment New map and much more... Video updates will be showed on: YouTube: http://www.youtube.c...oy?feature=mhee Team: 3D models maker: Cops Skinner/UV-map: Cops/Aitor Scripts: Cops Map Maker: Cops Animations: Cops Testers: Redhawk504/Njboy13/FireFightersKid/Aitor I don't know what I need to say so I'll show you guys pics Equipment Ambulance Fire Department Police Lifeguard Security Civilian [NOTE] For now the mod is in a start phase so I need to do allot, and I need to ask for permission to the makers before I release the mod. But that's far far away [NOTE2] I test some of my scripts in a fictive mod, that's called: "Zaanstreek-Waterland" [NOTE3] I'll make all the models by myself for now Hope you guys will follow this
  2. need help badly! just edited vehicle speed,price,space,etc., and it went okay and i got it saved correctly. then i discovered how to skin a vehicle and got converter to do such. i skinned vehicle and got it back into right format and file okay, but then when i went to try it out in the game, it keeps saying it has encountered a problem and closing! what can i do to fix this? any help greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi, I have a question regarding prototypes.. When I clone a model in the editor of 911 :FR or EM4 new prototypes are created (normal system used by the game). If I want to delete the prototypes of that model I am suppose to go in the Prototypes folder on Pc (not while in editor) and delete the files. Problem is prototypes files of cloned models are not visible in the Prototypes folder of the Mod. Is there anything I should do? Thanks Darren-NYPD
  4. Hello, i just started playing Emergency 3 a few weeks ago and have gotten pretty good at it, but just recently i discovered Emergency 3 Editor. It sounds really cool and from what i understand you can upload maps you have created and use them in the game. i've kinda gotten the hang of it and read the manual, but dont really understand how to add a floor if you haven't created yor own and how to make streets. if anyone could send me simple instruction on how to do these things that would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Can someone help me? I'm trying to use the LA mod 2.1 for Emergency 4, but i'm having problems. The mod says it's installed correctly, but when I run the game and go to the modifications section, it only shows the pre-installed Original game (I'm using 911: First Responders from Amazon). It did something right, because it added the getaway car to the police section, but nothing else is there. I'm running a Windows 8 64 bit laptop that runs the game great, but I really want to use the LA mod. If anyone can help, I'd much appreciate it. EDIT: This topic has been moved to a similar topic that I did not see before.
  6. I'm creating a mod of a portuguese city named Seixal . I'm counting with the help of Ghost Graphic Designs in some things. I Would like to know how to contact the creators of the polish mod to ask the permission for 3 models. (Sprinter S, Transit R and MidlumGBA) Thank You
  7. Does anyone know how to edit signs or make them to place on the map ingame?
  8. Version V2.0


    Here is the new high detailed LED Legend lightbar with LGD45HY-00017 lightsetup Read the readme for any questions The lightbar has 4 different skins
  9. cops

    LED Legend LPX

    Version V2.0


    Here is the new high detailed Legend LPX lightbar With LPX452-00009 light setup Read the readme for any questions The lightbar has 4 different skins
  10. Version V1.0


    The new used Dodge Ram for the San Diego mod if you have any problems with the mod, please click on the link If you can do animations please contact me, because the model is without any animations
  11. Version V1.0


    I'll release my Whelen Freedom Edge 9000 This model is scaled on NNICO's Ford Crown Victoria! This model is free to use, only credit me (Cops) Enjoy it
  12. I have the la mod and it works fine. I try to install the New york Mod and it tells me the mod file is corrupted I have deleted all files and redownloaded the mod like four times and I have also reinstalled everything once and nothing has changed it I just dunno what to do with it and its annoying
  13. Version V1.0


    Federal Signal Valor Just download and place it in the Object folder and place it in one of your maps you want. //!\\ This model is scaled for NNICO's Ford Crown Victoria 2008 //!\\
  14. Hey guys! I am starting a brand new mod based off the town that I volly at, after the mod is done I am hoping that all the members that helped with the mod will help me to go onto another mod and hopefully have a great new modding team! So far I have the following people on the following positions: Mapping, Incidents, and Project Supervisor: Myself Lighting: search_destroy Models/Textures: mercurygrandmarquis1 Positions open: Another Modeler/Texture person; Scripter Thanks everyone! -JA
  15. Hey guys. I need some help here and I'm accepting just about anyone. Can someone help me reskin some people, replace some VO's, and also replace some trucks as a whole. I've created many models but I am also not able to enter any vehicles in the mod. I wanted there to be new equipment too as I've created that also. No new scripts unless your willing to do so. Please help me guys and please don't refer me to any tutorials as I've royally screwed up my game numberous times causing me to reinstall my game many times. I just need some help for something I've been wanting to do myself instead of always helping people do their mods. Thank you guys and reply here if you would like to help.
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